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Regarding the following issues:

1: "Portamenteau" vs. "Combination". They are synonyms. Either works. Bulbapedia does not have a ban on so-called "SAT words", nor does it have a ban on using words which accurately depict what is actually going on, which is a transposition of two words into one. That is a combination of words. That is also a portmaneau. Either word works, and whoever creates a "Name origin" section to any Pokémon can pick the word they prefer. Any edit wars as a result of a single word (which is not inappropriately used) will result in disciplinary action.

2: Bulbapedia is making much more frequent use of Bots as of late, and while they are being run they do have a tendancy to slow down the server a bit. This is a regrettable side-effect of the use of bots; if the server starts to slow down, wait a few minutes for it to pass. The bots, however, are not evil prowling creatures that are negatively impacting the entire Bulbapedia; they are doing services which would be far too enormous for people to attempt under normal circumstances.

3: Edit wars in general are now going to be cracked down on. With the rapid expansion of the 'pedia, I know people are running into conflicts of interest, and while it's amazing that we have so many contributions, the current levels of animosity between users is simply unacceptable. This would be a very good time, I would think, to review Bulbapedia's Dispute resolution policies, as well as reviewing the Blocking policy to see what can and what cannot get you in trouble. When in doubt, you can always send me a message at [email protected] or leave a comment on my talk page, if you feel the need to ask a question or otherwise guarantee that what you are doing is "in the right."

4: Finally, please remember the difference between fact and opinion. I've noticed a few statements recently sneaking into articles which are borderline, although on the whole there's far less in the way of opinion than there was at the outset of this project. Just a reminder--keep everything non-point-of-view.

Ultimately, however, these are relatively small gripes, and overall the 'pedia is doing very well. I'd also like to ask all 'pedia contributors to check out our Bulbapedia:Projects page to make sure you're fully aware of some possibly new ways to contribute to Bulbapedia.

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia