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Charizard (Base Set 4)

Charizard is a Fire-type Stage 2 Pokémon card. It is part of the Base Set and the Stormfront expansion. This card was released as a promotional card with different artwork by Ken Sugimori. In Japan, it was available through the "Please Trade" Campaign that ran from February to July in 1998. This variant card was never released in English. Later, this Japanese print was released as part of the "Pokémon Best Collection" CD. A jumbo English version was released in Japan as a free insert in the April 2000 CoroCoro magazine. This card was also reprinted in the Base Set 2 and Legendary Collection reprint sets, which were only released outside of Japan. The latter set included a few minor wording tweaks. A non-holographic version of the card was released in the latter set's Lava theme deck. A special reprint with redrawn art by Mitsuhiro Arita was released in the Stormfront set.

This card was once the most sought-after card in the entire Pokémon TCG. Various versions of this card have been sold anywhere starting at $30, with the original 1st Edition Wizard of the Coast version selling for an average of $150, and even for more during the height of its popularity.

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