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The Goldenrod Radio Tower (Japanese: コガネラジオとう Kogane Radio Tower) is a five-story tower located next to the Magnet Train station in downtown Goldenrod City, the largest city in Johto. The radio tower broadcasts numerous programs daily, the most prominent of such being Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk and Buena's Password, a new radio show that debuted in Pokémon Crystal. For a short time in Generation II and Generation IV, the tower fell victim to the clutches of Team Rocket, during which time none of the normal broadcasts were aired.

Following the defeat of Pryce at the Mahogany Town Gym, it is necessary to purge the Radio Tower of Team Rocket in order to continue the storyline as a man selling Rage Candy Bars will prevent access to Route 44, the eastern path out of Mahogany, until the Radio Tower has been returned to normal.

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