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{{Variations|Flamethrower|{{{1|fire}}}|special={{mcolor|Flamethrower|{{fire color dark}}}} • {{mcolor|Ice Beam|{{ice color dark}}}} • {{mcolor|Sludge Wave|{{poison color dark}}}} • {{mcolor|Thunderbolt|{{electric color dark}}}}
{{Variations|Flamethrower|{{{1|fire}}}|special={{mcolor|Flamethrower|{{fire color dark}}}} • {{mcolor|Ice Beam|{{ice color dark}}}} • {{mcolor|Thunderbolt|{{electric color dark}}}}
<noinclude>[[Category:Move navigation templates]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>[[Category:Move navigation templates]]</noinclude>

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Variations of the move Flamethrower
Special FlamethrowerIce BeamThunderbolt