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*2x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Growlithe|28}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Growlithe|28}}
*1x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Arcanine|23}}
*1x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Arcanine|23}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Arcanine|23}}
*2x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Ponyta|60}}
*1x {{TCG ID|Jungle|Rapidash|44}}
*1x {{TCG ID|Jungle|Rapidash|44}}
*1x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Magmar|36}}
*1x {{TCG ID|Base Set|Magmar|36}}

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Aaron is one of Dr. Mason's technicians.

In Pokémon Card GB

Tech Aaron can be dueled at any time in the Mason Laboratory. He plays one of the three decks. The player can choose which deck he uses. When the player wins a duel with him, he awards the player a Colosseum booster pack containing only Energy cards.

Fire & Lightning Deck

Water & Fighting Deck

Grass & Psychic Deck

In Pokémon Card GB2


Japanese Romaji English French German Italian Spanish
あらいモン Arai Mon Aaron Gilles Adrian Aaron Aarón
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