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|location=Rocket Warehouse
|location=Rocket Warehouse
|pokemon1={{Pokémon/3|game=FireRed|ndex=100|pokemon=Voltorb|ability=Static|item1=None|level=46|type1=Electric|move1=Swift|move1type=Normal|move2=Rollout|move2type=Rock|move3=Light Screen|move3type=Psychic|move4=Explosion|move4type=Normal}}
|pokemon3={{Pokémon/3|game=FireRed|ndex=081|pokemon=Magnemite|ability=Sturdy|item3=None|level=46|type1=Electric|type2=Steel|move1=Spark|move1type=Electric|move2=Thunder Wave|move2type=Electric|move3=Swift|move3type=Normal|move4=Screech|move4type=Normal}}
|pokemon3={{Pokémon/3|game=FireRed|ndex=081|pokemon=Magnemite|ability=Sturdy|item3=None|level=46|type1=Electric|type2=Steel|move1=Screech|move1type=Normal|move2=Swift|move2type=Normal|move3=Spark|move3type=Electric|move4=Thunder Wave|move4type=Electric}}
|pokemon4={{Pokémon/3|game=FireRed|ndex=082|pokemon=Magneton|ability=Sturdy|item1=None|level=46|type1=Electric|type2=Steel|move1=Thunder Wave|move1type=Electric|move2=Spark|move2type=Electric|move3=Lock-On|move3type=Normal|move4=Tri Attack|move4type=Normal}}
|pokemon4={{Pokémon/3|game=FireRed|ndex=082|pokemon=Magneton|ability=Sturdy|item1=None|level=46|type1=Electric|type2=Steel|move1=Tri Attack|move1type=Normal|move2=Spark|move2type=Electric|move3=Thunder Wave|move3type=Electric|move4=SonicBoom|move4type=Normal}}
|pokemon5={{Pokémon/3|game=FireRed|ndex=137|pokemon=Porygon|ability=Trace|level=46|type1=Normal|move1=Recover|move1type=Normal|move2=Conversion|move2type=Normal|move3=Tri Attack|move3type=Normal|move4=Psybeam|move4type=Psychic}}
|pokemon5={{Pokémon/3|game=FireRed|ndex=137|pokemon=Porygon|ability=Trace|level=46|type1=Normal|move1=Tri Attack|move1type=Normal|move2=Conversion|move2type=Normal|move3=Recover|move3type=Normal|move4=Psybeam|move4type=Psychic}}

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Team Rocket scientists are either members of or contracted by Team Rocket to develop new technology. They help design and implement many of the devices used in Team Rocket's plans; they also experiment on Pokémon.

In the games

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Some of the Silph Co. scientists join Team Rocket in exchange for power and money. Both they and the Team Rocket Grunts attack the player to prevent interference with their plans regarding Silph Co.

Sevii Islands

When the player obtains the Sapphire from the Ruin Valley cave, Scientist Gideon drops down and steals it so that he can sell it to Team Rocket for money. The player faces him after defeating all Rocket grunts in a local warehouse. After defeating him, Gideon mentions a hint about the identity of Giovanni's son.


A group of Rocket scientists, as well as Grunts and Executives, tries to stop the player from destroying the high-frequency sound wave machine which would influence Pokémon evolution.



Spr 3f 081.png
Spr 3f 082.png
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Spr 3f 089.png
Spr 3f 100.png
Spr 3f 101.png
Spr 3f 109.png
Spr 3f 110.png

Scientist Gideon (FireRed/LeafGreen only)


Spr 4h 081.png
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Trainer list

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Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Kanto and Johto sagas, Rocket scientists do not make many appearances as they appear to be keeping to the shadows. In fact, the only Rocket scientist to be known to the public is Blaine, who helped on the Mewtwo Project.

In PS020, it was shown that the Eevee that Red owned was asked to get for Erika was part of the "Eevee Bio-Engineering Scheme" that would allow Team Rocket to have a weapon with the skills to make an Eevee transform freely among its evolved forms without the use of evolutionary stones. The scientists did this at Giovanni's command.

Most of the scientists were killed when Mewtwo destroyed the Cinnabar Lab in PS034.

In the anime

Giovanni hired Dr. Fuji to use his team of scientists to find and clone Mew. Dr. Fuji agreed out of the hope that the money given to him to develop the cloning technology would allow him to make a replica of his late daugher Amber. The scientists succeeded in cloning Mew, and Mewtwo was created; however, soon after its awakening, Mewtwo destroyed the lab in which it was created and the scientists within it.

Other Rocket scientists worked under Professor Sebastian, making the forced Pokémon evolution beam and the crystal system that traps the Electric Pokémon Raikou in The Legend of Thunder!. Further into Johto, a team of Rockets working under Dr. Namba managed to trap two Lugia, a mother and child. Namba was last known to be researching Hippowdon's sand.

A scientist named Dr. Zager appeared in Unova, working with Pierce to analyze the Meteonite and discover its potential. In more recent episodes, he has begun filling a superior officer role to Jessie and James similar to that of Dr. Namba in relation to Butch and Cassidy.


  • Unlike Team Rocket Grunts, Team Rocket Scientists give away their names.
  • Of all the Pokémon that the scientists used, all of the non-Poison-type Pokémon have no genders.

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