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Team Rocket, as with any well-organized criminal organization, has certain ranks. It's not known if any of these are in any established hierarchical order, although the below table shows the apparent status of Team Rocket members and their ranks.

Although there are some exceptions, most Team Rocket members are referred to as Rockets and can usually be identified by a large red R on their shirts. Team Rocket uniforms can be white (Mondo), black (Domino), or silver (Hun). While most Rockets seem to wear black uniforms, it is unknown if the color has a purpose.

The ranks in the following table are a result of fan speculation.

Ranks and examples

Boss Giovanni, Madame Boss
Executive Proton, Archer, Ariana, Petrel
Elite Officer Domino, Iron-Masked Marauder, Miyamoto, Pierce
Scientist Professor Sebastian, Dr. Zager, Dr. Namba
High-Ranking Officer Attila, Hun, Tyson
Agent Jessie, James, Meowth, Butch, Cassidy
Supplier Mondo
Dogsbody Team Rocket Grunts


The anime episode Dues and Don'ts revealed an unexplored side of Team Rocket, introducing jobs within the Team which are not those of action, but of business. Wendy, for example, works in personnel, and the Rocket Scout works in seeking out people worthy of becoming Rocket members. Because they are special in this way, they are not included in the above table.