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Ken, Al, and Harry

The Team Rocket Elite Trio, are three Team Rocket members who appear in the Pokémon Adventures manga. Individually, they are known as Ken (Japanese: ケン Ken), Al*/Ryu* (Japanese: リョウ Ryō), and Harry (Japanese: ハリー Harry). As members of Team Rocket, Ken, Al, and Harry are sub-leaders who each serve the three high-ranking members, Lt. Surge, Sabrina, and Koga, respectively.


Red, Green, & Blue chapter

The first of the trio to appear is Ken in Tauros the Tyrant, where he appears as one of the people helping with the creation of Mewtwo. After Green, steals a data disc with information on Mew, Ken sends several Team Rocket Grunts after her. Once they find her, they ambush Green with several Pokémon. With the power of his strong Tauros, Ken nearly manages to defeat her with its ability to control other Pokémon with its tails. However, Green uses her Ditty to take on the appearance of Ken's Tauros and defeats them by exploiting its ability. Green manages to escape, but leaves a fake data disc behind to trick Ken and the other Grunts.

After learning that the disc was a fake, Ken becomes furious and sends the Grunts to find Green again. To get them off of her trail, Green has her Ditty take the form of Mew so that it could lead Team Rocket away. The trick does not last long, as Ken manages to catch and defeat Ditty. After returning Green's Pokémon to her, Ken attacks her and Red while they attempt to capture the real Mew. Ken tries to capture Mew himself, but it retaliates by defeating him and saving Green and Red in the process.

The second to appear is Harry, who appears at Seafoam Islands to capture Articuno. There, he faces Red, who had come to the island to capture Articuno himself. As they battle, Articuno notices that Red is defending it and attacks Team Rocket while leaving his Pokémon alone. Articuno later flees, forcing Harry and the other Grunts to follow it.

The third and last to appear is Al, who attacks Blaine for betraying Team Rocket. After Red shows up, he gets mixed up in the showdown between Blaine and Team Rocket. With the help of Moltres, they gain an advantage over their enemies, only for it to be defeated by Red's newly-obtained Aerodactyl.

At the Silph Co. building, Harry and Al attempt to find the intruders, Red, Green, and Blue, only to be dismissed by Green disguised as Sabrina.

Yellow chapter

In the second chapter, Ken, Al, and Harry reveal that after their defeat at Saffron City, Ken, Al, and Harry, along with other members of Team Rocket that escaped, are aiming to revive Team Rocket. They attempt hijack the S.S. Anne, only for Yellow to try and stop them. Despite the non-threatening look of her team, Yellow manages to defeat the trio by threatening to drop the now-damaged ship on their heads.

Gold, Silver, & Crystal chapter

In the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, Ken, Al, and Harry appear under the command of the Masked Man. They first appear attacking Gold, knocking him unconscious in the process. Ken reveals that they were going to intercept information that was being delivered to Professor Elm, but mistook Gold's backpack for the bag that had the information. After figuring out their mistake, they went back to take the real information as well as stealing Professor Elm's Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. When Silver reveals that Gold has Cyndaquil and that he stole Totodile, Ken gets angry and attacks the boy. Confident that a newly-obtained Pokémon will give Silver a disadvantage, Ken has his Elekid attack, only for it to be defeated by a powerful Frustration. Having been defeated, Ken and the other Team Rocket members retreat.

They later appear at the Ruins of Alph to capture the Unown inside. There, they face Gold and Bugsy, who had come to investigate the area. After a long battle, Gold and Bugsy manage to disturb the wild Unown inside who then proceeded to attack the trio. After they escaped, the trio were left trapped inside and were forced to solve a puzzle to escape.

Later, they were tasked with the capture of Suicune, which they executed by following Eusine and tricking him by having a Ditto transform itself into Suicune's likeness. With Eusine distracted, they were able to find Suicune and attempt to capture it. Although Suicune attempts to run away, they follow it on Girafarig's back, only to be put to sleep by Crystal's Parasect's Spore. After they wake up, they find Eusine had arrived to battle them personally.

By using Spinarak's silk net combined with Elekid's electricity, they were able to create an electric net to give them an advantage in battle. Harry stayed behind while Al and Ken went to continue pursuing Suicune. Harry, although powerful, was defeated when Eusine tricked his Girafarig into shocking itself by biting a metal chain that had been tied to the electric net. Ken and Al were defeated when it was revealed that Eusine had snuck some mistletoe seeds onto their body, which tied them up. For their defeat, Ken, Al, and Harry were punished by Carl and Sham by being chained to a wall. Soon after, they are approached by the Masked Man, who they had not met in person, and are quickly frozen.

During the attack on the Pokémon League, Ken, Al, and Harry were brainwashed with special masks to keep them under the Masked Man's control. There, they faced Lt. Surge, who was horrified to see them attacking their former superior. By reminding them of what Team Rocket stood for, Lt. Surge helped them break free of the Masked Man's control and shatter their masks. Now freed from their control, Lt. Surge leaves the trio to free the other Team Rocket members while he goes to face the Masked Man.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

In the fifth chapter, it was revealed that the three were put in charge of transporting the two Deoxys to their hideout after they had been stolen from the Mossdeep Space Center. After they arrived in Kanto, the Deoxys had begun changing their appearance, which they reported to Sird. Soon after, one of the Deoxys escaped, annoying Sird because of her decision to trust the trio.



Ken's Machamp
Machamp was used to attack Green in order to retrieve the data disc she had stolen. After it defeated her Blasty, Green caused it to attack its teammates by having her Ditty take Tauros's appearance and using its tails to control Machamp.

None of Machamp's moves are known.

Debut Tauros the Tyrant
Ken's Tauros
Tauros is described as the King of the Safari Zone and the leader of his herd. By whipping his tails, he was able to control the other Pokémon and had them attack Green to retrieve a stolen data disc. Eventually, it was knocked over a cliff and quickly came back, only for it to turn out to be Green's Ditty in disguise. In the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, it was used to chase after Suicune, only to be defeated by Eusine's Jumpluff's Leech Seed.

None of Tauros's moves are known.

Debut Tauros the Tyrant
Ken's Jynx
Jynx was used to attack Red and Green after they tricked Team Rocket and capture Mew. When she attacked Mew, Red and Green tried to defend it, only to be defeated. Mew retaliates against it and freezes Ken and Jynx while sparing Red and Green.

Jynx's known moves are Ice Punch, Psybeam and Psywave.

Debut The Jynx Jinx
Ken's Voltorb and Electrode
Voltorb and Electrode
Ken's Voltorb and Electrode used to attack Yellow on the S.S. Anne. With their speed, they managed to easily dodge Yellow's Dody.

Voltorb and Electrode's known moves are Swift and SonicBoom.

Debut The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
Ken's Elekid
Ken's Elekid was first used to knock Gold out in New Bark Town. Next, it faced Silver's Totodile but was defeated by a Frustration. In the Ruins of Alph, she was used to attack Gold and Bugsy, only to be attacked by the wild Unown. In Great Girafarig, Elekid was used to create an electric net with the help of Al's Spinarak.

Elekid's known moves are ThunderPunch and ThunderShock.

Debut Buzzing Elekid
Ken's Octillery
Ken's Octillery was first used to surround Suicune. It started to have problems after being hit by some spores. In Great Girafarig, it was used to battle Eusine's Pokémon and lost. When Ken faced Lt. Surge, it was used to attack Ken's former leader.

Octillery's known moves are Ice Beam and Octazooka.

Debut Miltank Melee


Al's Gengar
Al's Gengar was used to surround Blaine in Cinnabar Island.

Gengar's only known move is Night Shade.

Debut Holy Moltres
Al's Slowpoke
Slowpoke was used to attack Yellow on the S.S. Anne. With its psychic abilities, it was able to tip the S.S. Anne, knocking all of the passengers in the water.

Slowpoke's only known move is Confusion.

Debut The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
Al's Hypno
Al's Hypno was used to attack Yellow on the S.S. Anne. After the ship was tipped over by Slowpoke, Hypno was used to lift Ken, Al, and Harry into the air with Meditate, only to have its legs frozen by Omny's Ice Beam. Al commanded Hypno to fight back, but in doing so broke the Meditate, sending him and the other two into the water.

Hypno's only known move is Meditate.

Debut The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
Al's Spinarak
Al's Spinarak made its debut in the Ruins of Alph, where it was used to tie up Gold and Bugsy with its silk. After the wild Unown were disturbed, they attacked Spinarak, defeating it. Later, it was used to fight Eusine by creating a cage made of silk which was combined with Elekid's electricity.

Spinarak's known moves are Spider Web and String Shot.

Debut Into the Unown


Al's Moltres
Moltres was borrowed by Al to be used against Blaine and Red. With its flames, Blaine was forced to stay behind while Red went on ahead to revive an Aerodactyl. When Red returned with his newly-obtained Aero, they did enough damage that Al was forced to retreat. Afterward, it was returned to Sabrina.

Moltres's known moves are Ember, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam and Fly.

Debut Holy Moltres


Harry's Muk
Harry used Muk to help Team Rocket on their mission to get Articuno. When Red tried to stop them, Harry sent Muk against Red's Gyara. It was eventually frozen by Articuno.
Debut You Know...Articuno!
Harry's Machop
Harry's Machop was one of the Pokémon captured by Team Rocket for their experiments.

None of Machop's moves are known.

Debut Long Live the Nidoqueen!?
Harry's Kingler
Harry's Kingler was one of the Pokémon captured by Team Rocket for their experiments.

None of Kingler's moves are known.

Debut Long Live the Nidoqueen!?
Harry's Ekans
Ekans was used to attack Yellow on the S.S. Anne. After Harry was knocked into the water, he had Ekans attack again, only for it to be defeated by Pika. Afterward, it was tied up by Kitty's string.

Ekans's only known move is Acid.

Debut The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
Harry's Weezing
Weezing was used to attack Yellow on the S.S. Anne. After Harry was knocked into the water, he had Weezing attack again, only for it to be defeated by Pika. Afterward, it was tied up by Kitty's string.

Weezing's only known move is Sludge.

Debut The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
Harry's Girafarig
Girafarig made its debut in the Ruins of Alph, where it was used to face Gold and Bugsy. After the Unown were disturbed by Gold, they attack Girafarig, defeating it. It was later used to try and capture Suicune and was used to follow it when Suicune ran away. As they pursued it, Girafarig was put to sleep by Parasee's spores. When Eusine faced Harry, Girafarig was defeated after its tail was tricked into biting a metal chain connected to the electric net.

Girafarig's only known move is Psywave.

Debut Into the Unown

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