Team Rocket's mechas

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Team Rocket's mechas usually refers to mechas used by Jessie, James and Meowth in one of their wild schemes. Throughout the anime, Team Rocket has had many robots and machines. It is unknown how they get them, since they usually have little money, and how they are transported to the location it is to be used at. Most of the time, the robots fail and get destroyed, some even before getting a chance to be used. They first appeared in Pokémon Emergency! with the debut of Team Rocket's Balloon.

Original series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
150px Meowth Hot Air Balloon Pokémon Emergency! This balloon has often been Team Rocket's main mode of transportation. It can be given many attachments including rockets, vacuums, nets and cages. The balloon has been changed on certain occasions as well. It was changed to other Pokémon, like Wobbuffet and even items, like a Poké Ball.
150px Flying Stadium Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village Has vacuums which suck Pokémon into the stadium, balloons that make it fly
150px Gyarados Submarine Beauty and the Beach Powered by pedaling, serves as underwater transportation, capable of many attachments such as wheels and arms. Also capable of launching missiles.
150px Magikarp Submarine Fit to be Tide! Powered by pedaling, serves as underwater transportation and has arms that can be extended
150px Robotic Mole Charizard Chills Can dig underground and can hold Pikachu in a compartment
150px Electrode Eliminator The Underground Round Up Has arms to pick up Electrode, and can make them explode
150px Robotic Pinsir A Sappy Ending Can suck sap from trees, can absorb electric attacks and send them out of its pincers
150px Robotic Stantler The Little Big Horn Lures Stantler
150px ArboTank Tanks a Lot Extendable arms, giant spring on bottom
150px Meowth Bubblegum Bot Good 'Quil Hunting Shoots bubblegum from fingers
150px Giant Gengar The Psychic Sidekicks! Has mirrors for eyes that reflect Psychic attacks, e.g. Psybeam, has an extremely long tongue that grabs Pokémon
150px Fire Robot The Fire-ring Squad Shoots fire out of hoses
150px Barrel Robot A Dairy Tale Ending Can squash anything it rolls over, extendable arms, drill
150px Digatron Control Freak Can dig tunnels in the ground, rockets
Robot Bayleef.png Robotic Bayleef Turning Over a New Bayleef Serves as transportation, but can use Vine Whip to pick up Pokémon from the ground.
150px Wobbuffet Boat Right On, Rhydon Inflatable for quick get-away
150px Tentacruel Submarine The Joy of Water Pokémon Used mainly in Johto
150px Lugia Balloon A Parent Trapped! Inflatable, lures Lugia
File:TRMechaEP224.jpg Wobbufet Statue Nerves of Steelix Camouflaged as a Giant Wobbuffet Statue. Serves as transportation.


"Bellossom Wrangler Robot" and "Vileplume of Doom" Whichever Way the Wind Blows Possible ways to catch many Vileplume and Bellossom; however, they couldn't decide and they settled on a bag instead.
150px PikaPower Mach II As Clear as Crystal Drains electricity from any power source; unlocks and explodes when completely charged
150px Hot Air Balloon Transformer Model Wish Upon a Star Shape Hot Air Balloon's Robotic Transformer Model; shielded against electric attacks; comes with a hyper-ventilated, carbon-calibrated cannon and rear-seat cupholders
150px Mataminder Mach III Outrageous Fortunes Controls a Pokémon's every move
150px Robotic Politoed I Politoed Ya So! Paralyzes with tongue, grabs Pokémon
150px Ice Cream Robots The Ice Cave Has the power to make ice cream and steal Pokémon
150px Robotic Crab Just Add Water Creates Whirlpools and sucks in with its claws
150px Robotic Building Johto Photo Finish Wheels and arms

Advanced Generation series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
150px Robotic Wurmple Gonna Rule The School! Protected from electricity
150px Vacuum car Watt's with Wattson? Sucks up Pokémon with vacuums
150px Robotic Cacnea What You Seed is What You Get Shoots bazookas and X's to block Pokémon's mouths. Picks up Watmels.
150px Robotic Numel Game Winning Assist! Uses arms to grab Pokémon and places them in a compartment, uses the arms to "walk" along the ground
Robo-Kingler.png Hyper Kingler Alloy Z Evolutionary War Used to steal Huntail and Gorebyss
AG106 bot.png Robo Diglett Beg, Burrow and Steal! Digs holes with drill, snatches Pokémon with grabber.
150px Unknown On Olden Pond Unknown
150px Robo Golem Reversing the Charges! Can launch a net from its mouth. Used again in Trials and Adulations! where it was able to launch a rock rocket.
Rocket mecha 155.png Unknown The Green Guardian Unknown
150px Robo Slaking Slaking Kong Used to steal and collect food

Diamond & Pearl series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
150px Robotic Rabble Rowser Mach III Setting the World on its Buneary Extendable legs and claws, Pokémon containers, rockets
150px Wood Bird Catching Robot A Staravia is Born! Nets on hands, can be disguised as a house
150px Fossil Restoration Device Wild in the Streets Can unfossilize Pokémon, has net-rockets, treads
150px Unknown Ya See We Want an Evolution Destroyed before being used
150px Sharpedo Jetski Sandshrew's Locker! 3 seats, Magikarp Net Launcher with net, Carvanha torpedoes, 3 Remoraid torpedoes
150px Croagunk Robot Cream of the Croagunk Crop! Its tongue and also both its arms can stretch far to catch Pokémon. Its chest can also open up to serve as a big container of the caught Pokémon.
150px Back-to-the-Basics Bohemian Flytrap A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine! It can transform from the car-like form. Its "mouth" can be used for storage and its arms and eyes can fire lasers. It's vulnerable to Electric attacks.
150px Mechaman Ancient Family Matters! It can drill using its head. It can also throw rocks and sand with its hands
150px Unknown Leading a Stray! Unknown
150px Unknown Stealing the Conversation! It can shoot mechanical bowling pins out of its arms that explode upon impact. It also has extendable arms and legs.
DP117 robot 1.png Unknown Noodles! Roamin' Off! Unknown
DP117 robot 2.png Unknown Noodles! Roamin' Off! Unknown
150px Robot Golem Trials and Adulations! Can shoot missiles mades of rock.
150px Robot Prinplup Stopped in the Name of Love Can launch an extendable arm from its stomach.