Team Rocket's Ambition (GB2)

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We Are Team Rocket
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Cards in set English: 50
Japanese: 50
Set number English: 7
Japanese: 7
Release date English: N/A
Japanese: N/A
Theme Decks None
We Are Team Rocket
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Team Rocket's Ambition is one of the eight sets found in Pokémon Card GB 2 for the Game Boy Color.

The cover of the booster pack features a Rocket Grunt.

Members of Team Great Rocket usually give out the booster packs when defeated.

It includes cards from Base Set, Jungle, Team Rocket, the Vending Machine collection and the Video Introduction Set. It has several additions, including Dark Ninetales, Dark Starmie, Dark Haunter, Dark Gengar, Dark Marowak and Dark Clefable, all of which are exclusive to the game. It also includes a number of promotional cards.

Card list

No. Card Name Type Level Rarity
H01 Bulbasaur Grass 13 Common
H02 Dark Ivysaur Grass 16 Uncommon
H03 Dark Venusaur Grass 37 Rare
H04 Zubat Grass 9 Common
H05 Dark Golbat Grass 25 Rare Holo
H06 Oddish Grass 21 Common
H07 Dark Gloom Grass 21 Uncommon
H08 Dark Vileplume Grass 29 Rare Holo
H09 Koffing Grass 12 Common
H10 Dark Weezing Grass 24 Rare Holo
H11 Pinsir Grass 15 Uncommon
H12 Dark Ninetales Fire 28 Rare
H13 Growlithe Fire 16 Common
H14 Moltres Fire 37 Rare
H15 Psyduck Water 16 Common
H16 Dark Golduck Water 23 Uncommon
H17 Dark Starmie Water 27 Uncommon
H18 Articuno Water 34 Rare
H19 Dark Raichu   31 Rare Holo
H20 Zapdos Lightning 28 Rare
H21 Onix Fighting 25 Uncommon
H22 Dark Marowak Fighting 27 Uncommon
H23 Slowpoke Psychic 16 Common
H24 Dark Slowbro Psychic 27 Rare Holo
H25 Dark Haunter Psychic 23 Uncommon
H26 Dark Gengar Psychic 33 Rare
H27 Drowzee Psychic 10 Common
H28 Dark Hypno Psychic 26 Rare Holo
H29 Dark Fearow Colorless 25 Uncommon
H30 Dark Clefable Colorless 33 Rare
H31 Meowth Colorless 10 Common
H32 Dark Persian Colorless 28 Uncommon
H33 Lickitung Colorless 26 Uncommon
H34 Chansey Colorless 40 Uncommon
H35 Kangaskhan Colorless 36 Uncommon
H36 Porygon Colorless 20 Common
H37 Dratini Colorless 12 Common
H38 Dark Dragonair Colorless 28 Uncommon
H39 Dark Dragonite Colorless 33 Rare Holo
H40 Super Scoop Up T - Uncommon
H41 Challenge! T - Uncommon
H42 Impostor Oak's Revenge T - Uncommon
H43 Sleep! T - Common
H44 Digger T - Common
H45 Goop Gas Attack T - Common
H46 Bill’s Teleporter T - Common
H47 Nightly Garbage Run T - Common
H48 Rocket's Sneak Attack T - Rare Holo
H49 The Rocket's Trap T - Rare Holo
E11 Recycle Energy E - Uncommon

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