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Team Rocket's mechas usually refers to mechas used by Jessie, James and Meowth in one of their wild schemes. Throughout the anime, the Team Rocket trio have had many robots and machines. It is unknown how they get them, since they usually have little money, and how they are transported to the location it is to be used at. Most of the time, the robots fail and are destroyed, some even before getting a chance to be used. They first appeared in Pokémon Emergency! with the debut of Team Rocket's Balloon.

In the anime

Team Rocket's Meowth balloon

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Team Rocket balloon XY.png

The Meowth balloon has often been Team Rocket's main mode of transportation, first used in Pokémon Emergency!. It can be given many attachments including rockets, vacuums, nets, fists and cages. The balloon has been changed on certain occasions as well. It was changed to other Pokémon, such as Wobbuffet or Gliscor, and even items, as in a Poké Ball. It appeared regularly until the Best Wishes series. They later start using it again in New Places... Familiar Faces!, where it is redesigned; the new design incorporates a blue basket with the new Team Rocket logo and a pair of engines on it, plus a new Meowth portion with no arm and a larger engine on its back. It was redesigned again for the XY series with two arms on the balloon and propeller engines on the basket.

Team Rocket's Magikarp submarine

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Magikarp Submarine.png

Powered by pedaling, serves as underwater transportation, has arms that can be extended, and legs that can also be extended on land. Its weapons include nets (once to capture Cresselia) and extendable fists. This was often used by Team Rocket as an alternative mode of transportation while they were pursuing Ash and Pikachu in the Orange Archipelago, though it was first used in Fit to be Tide!.

Original series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
Boat shaped mecha EP007.png Unknown The Water Flowers of Cerulean City Constructed of a stolen massive vacuum and a giant hose. Used to suck water and Pokémon from the pool at the Cerulean Gym.
Flying Stadium.png Flying Stadium Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village Has vacuums which suck Pokémon into the stadium and balloons that make it fly.
Drill mecha.png Automatic-High-Speed-Super-Duper-Whatchamacallit (A.H.S.D.W.) Charmander – The Stray Pokémon Can drill holes that can be used for traps and is remote controlled.
Gyarados Submarine.png Gyarados Submarine Beauty and the Beach (Japan) Sparks Fly For Magnemite (Worldwide) Powered by pedaling, serves as underwater transportation, has many attachments such as wheels and arms, and is capable of launching missiles.
Team R Helicopter.png Team R Helicopter Bye Bye Butterfree Just an ordinary helicopter marked with big red "R" sign in front. However, it has a pole that can be utilized to create a giant net. It was used again in Let Bagons Be Bagons! when it had a jet pack for Meowth to use.
Kangaskhan bot.png Kangaskhan Mecha The Kangaskhan Kid The Giant Kangaskhan bot moves by controlling it from the car underneath it, and it has two rockets in the form of paws.
Team Rocket Tickle Machine.png Unknown The Legend of Dratini This mecha was used to tickle Kaiser by using a feather on his foot, to tell Team Rocket where Dratini was. It appeared again in A Marathon Rivalry! to massage and tickle Daniel's Snorlax, and to capture Ash's Pikachu and other Pokémon.
Tank EP064.png Tank It's Mr. Mime Time Made of rubber, and has capture missiles with a cannon net inside. Also possessed live missiles.
Giant claw crane.png Unknown Lights, Camera, Quack-tion A giant claw crane used to grasp a bunch of Pokémon.
Grasshopper mecha.png Unknown All Fired Up! Has very good jumping abilities, was used to steal the flame of Moltres from Indigo Stadium.
EP082.png Team Rocket Dirigible A Scare in the Air A very old and rundown blimp that was used to capture Ash and Pikachu.
Robotic Mole.png Robotic Mole Charizard Chills Can dig underground and has a compartment for holding Pikachu and other Pokemon.
Mecha-Meowthinator.png Mecha-Meowthinator Pokémon Food Fight! Shoots a rocket out of its ear and releases a claw that can grab packages and Pokémon. The whiskers on the top of its head act as lightning rods, and its tail grounds absorbed electricity. It also releases small drills from its fingertips which have the power to destroy rocks.
Robo-Rhydon.png Robo-Rhydon Pokémon Double Trouble It uses Jessie's Lickitung and Arbok to power up. It uses James's Weezing's Smog and Jessie's Arbok's Poison Sting to attack.
Electrode Eliminator.png Electrode Eliminator The Underground Round Up Has arms to pick up Electrode, and can make them explode.
Team Rocket Automated Pep Squad.png Team Rocket Automated Pep Squad The Double Trouble Header Robotic cheering squad that was used to encourage Casey and her team. They used trumpets and balloons, and cheered "Gotta catch 'em all!".
The Real Hitting Machine of the Team Rocket Lineup.png The Real Hitting Machine of the Team Rocket Lineup Hitting Machine used to hit Pikachu and Chikorita towards Team Rocket. It also works with other Pokémon.
Team Rocket pitching machines.png Unknown Pitching machines used to hit baseballs at Ash and his friends.
Robotic Pinsir.png Mechanical Pinsir A Sappy Ending Can suck sap from trees, it can also absorb electric attacks and send them out of its pincers.
Robotic Stantler.png Anti-Stantler No.7 The Little Big Horn Used to Lure and capture Stantler, it is numbered 7 after the first 6 prototypes.
Snowball Launcher.png Snowball Launcher The Chikorita Rescue Worn like a backpack, it is used to throw snowballs.
ArboTank.png ArboTank Tanks a Lot Has extendable arms, a giant spring on bottom, can drill through rock. Also contains superfluous gadgets included to add to the price tag, such as fireworks and a Pidgey cuckoo clock.
Gigantic Mistake.png Gigantic Mistake Charizard's Burning Ambitions Planned to use to catch Charizard in Charicific Valley, but was used to help Ash's Charizard prove its strength instead. It appears to be based on the Bug Catcher Trainer class.
Recycle Rubber Robot.png Recycle Rubber Robot Chikorita's Big Upset Giant robot constructed of tires and remotely controlled by Meowth, that was used to steal Ash's Chikorita and Pikachu. It also works with other Pokémon.
Mecha Spinarak.png Mecha Spinarak The Superhero Secret Giant mechanical Spinarak controlled by Meowth, that was used to try to unmask Gligarman.
Meowth Bubblegum Bot.png Meowth Bubblegum Bot Good 'Quil Hunting Shoots bubblegum from fingers.
The Super Diglett Mark 2.png The Super Diglett Mark 2 A Shadow of a Drought Used to dig a large hole in order to get Team Rocket some water.
Torcher Scorcher.png Torcher Scorcher The Fire-ing Squad Shoots fire out of hoses
Mecha-Noctowl.png Mecha-Noctowl Fowl Play! Has air pumps for blowing gusts of wind, as well as a vacuum.
Giant Gengar Robot.png Giant Gengar The Psychic Sidekicks! Has mirrors for eyes that reflect Psychic attacks, such as Psybeam, and it also has an extremely long tongue that grabs Pokémon.
Barrel Robot.png Barrel Robot A Dairy Tale Ending Can squash anything it rolls over, and has extendable arms, and a drill.
Cyborg Meowth.png Cyborg Meowth Air Time! (Radio show only.) It is the Team Rocket's Meowth that was converted into a cyborg. It can transform into a rocket.
Win Mean Fight Meowth Machine.png Win Mean Fight Meowth Machine Two Hits and a Miss It launches its boxing gloves to grab Pokémon.
Robo-Mecha Wobbuffet.png Robo-Mecha Wobbuffet Power Play! It uses an attack that has the same effect as Counter attack.
Gust Attack Blowing Vac.png Gust Attack Blowing Vac Mountain Time It has two powerful settings: 1) one that blows out, 2) one that is a super strong vacuum to suck everything right back.
Win Mean Fight-the-Bite Meowth Machine.png Win Mean Fight-the-Bite Meowth Machine The Trouble with Snubbull It uses its tail as bait to capture Madame Muchmoney's Granbull. It also has an electricshock on its tail. The gloves and tail can launch like rockets.
Super Sucker.png Super Sucker The Apple Corp! It is used to suck Pokémon, Pikachu's electricity and apples, and it can also blow air.
Eeveelution Cage.png Eeveelution Cage Trouble's Brewing It has a specialized cage for the following Eeveelutions: a shock-proof cage for Jolteon, a bubbly cage for Vaporeon, a heat-resistant cage for Flareon, a cute cage for Eevee, and a stark white cage for Umbreon.
Mega Murkrow Mark 5.png Mega Murkrow Mark 5 All That Glitters! It has a vacuum that sucks the Murkrow's shiny collections, and an extra powerful option that can blow you away. It also has a grabber inside its beak (to grab Pikachu or other Pokémon).
Blizzard Machine.png Blizzard Machine Moving Pictures Creates a Blizzard.
Natural Rocket.png Natural Rocket The Stolen Stones! It is a rocket used for transportation by Team Rocket.
Grab-a-Hand.png Grab-a-Hand It is an extendible hand used for grabbing stuff and Pokémon, that can also absorb electricity.
Poké Pod.png Poké Pod Wayward Wobbuffet It is used to trap Pikachu (or on some occasions, other Pokémon) inside. James described it as "A device that can revolutionize Pokémon training" and as "A Pokémon transport device made-up of super tough plastic that is harder than diamonds. It's absolutely indestructible".
Wobballoon.png Wobballoon A hot-air balloon with Wobbuffet design.
Digatron.png Digatron Control Freak! Can dig tunnels in the ground, and has rockets.
Robot Bayleef.png Robotic Bayleef Turning Over a New Bayleef Serves as transportation, but can use Vine Whip to pick up Pokémon from the ground.
Rocking Rocket Trapeze.png Rocking Rocket Trapeze Doin' What Comes Natu-rally Used by Jessie and James for them to grab Pokémon.
Robo-Skiploom.png Robo-Skiploom The Screen Actor's Guilt Used to lure Smoochum and Togepi. It uses mega Tackle attack.
Wobbuffet Boat.png Wobbuffet Rubber Life Raft Right On, Rhydon Inflatable for quick getaway.
M04 Glider.png Unknown Pokémon 4Ever A glider used to follow Ash and his friends, it was destroyed when the wind caught it, causing it to crash.
Tentacruel Submarine.png Mechanical Tentacruel The Joy of Water Pokémon Used mainly to capture Pikachu using its extendable tentacles. Other times it captured other Pokémon.
Mystery Missile.png Mystery Missile Fight for the Light! It contains James's Weezing in it.
Fan-tastic.png Fan-tastic A fan used as a rotor for the Meowth balloon.
Team Rocket Bigger Net.png James' Super Bigger Net Around the Whirlpool A bazooka that sends out net. Used to catch Pikachu. It also works on other Pokémon.
Ep212 balloon add-on.png Unknown It has three-propeller for additional hover support and a net for capturing Pokémon.
Booster Rocket.png Booster Rocket Fly Me to the Moon Used to boost the up stream of the Meowth Balloon.
Team Rocket Capture Missile.png Capture Missile Takin' It on the Chinchou Used to capture the Chinchou with a net.
Team Rocket Corsola Cable Snag.png Multiple Corsola Cable Snag A Corsola Caper! Has a multiple cable to catch multiple Corsola.
Team Rocket Jewlry Vacuum.png Unknown Hi Ho Silver... Away! Attached to Meowth Balloon and used to suck all the jewelry from stores.
Team Rocket Lugia Robot.png Unknown The Mystery is History Used by Cassidy and Butch to lure Silver. It resembles a Lugia.
Lugia Balloon.png Lugia Balloon A Parent Trapped! Inflatable, lures Lugia.
Team Rocket Pokémon Provoker.png Namba's Nasty Pokémon Provoker Invented by Prof. Namba for Cassidy and Butch. This machine will increase the rage of a Pokémon.
Wobbuffet Statue.png Wobbu-Warrior Nerves of Steelix Camouflaged as a giant Wobbuffet statue. Serves as transportation.
Bellossom Wrangler Robot.png Bellossom Wrangler Robot Whichever Way the Wind Blows Possible ways to catch many Vileplume and Bellossom; however, they couldn't decide and they settled on a bag instead.
Vileplume of Doom.png Vileplume of Doom
PikaPower Mach II.png PikaPower Mach II As Clear as Crystal Drains electricity from any power source; unlocks and explodes when completely charged
Hot Air Balloon Transformer Model.png Hot Air Balloon Transformer Model Wish Upon a Star Shape A Robotic version of the Hot Air Balloon; it is shielded against electric attacks, also comes with a hyper-ventilated, carbon-calibrated cannon, and rear-seat cupholders.
Mataminder Mach III.png Mataminder Mach III Outrageous Fortunes Controls a Pokémon's every move.
Robotic Politoed.png Robotic Politoed I Politoed Ya So! Paralyzes and grabs Pokémon with its tongue.
Ice Cream mecha.png Ice Cream Robots The Ice Cave Able to make ice cream and steal Pokémon.
Robotic Crab.png Robotic Crab Just Add Water Creates whirlpools and sucks in water with its claws.
Mobile house.png Robotic Building Johto Photo Finish Has wheels and arms to allow for movement and combat.
Electromagnet.png Electromagnet Hoenn Alone! Could drain Pikachu's electricity, or overload him with power.

Advanced Generation series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
AG001 Mecha.png Unknown Get the Show on the Road! Could drain Pikachu's electricity, and could shoot it back.
Mecha AG007.png Unknown Tree's a Crowd! Used to capture Treecko, including Ash's Treecko, and can also hit the opponent with the spade.
Mecha AG012.png Unknown The Lotad Lowdown! Used to capture Lotad including Brock's Lotad, it is vulnerable to Electric attacks.
Robotic Wurmple.png Robotic Wurmple Gonna Rule The School! Protected from electricity.
AG025 Mecha.png Mechanized Mudkip Maiden A Mudkip Mission Carries shovels for digging, and it is very agile
AG038 Mecha.png Unknown A Different Kind of Misty A Zapdos shaped Mecha that can absorb electricity. It also has several saws and grabbers attached to it.
Vacuum Car.png Vacuum car Watt's with Wattson? Sucks up Pokémon with vacuums. A purple version was used in Promoting Healthy Tangrowth!.
Cacnea Bandit Mark 2.png Cacnea Bandit Mark 2 What You Seed is What You Get Shoots bazookas and X's to block Pokémon's mouths. Picks up watermelons with its arms or a net bag. It can also "eat" watermelons and shoot their seeds at its opponent.
Robotic Numel.png Robotic Numel Game Winning Assist! Uses arms to grab Pokémon and places them in a compartment, and can also use the arms to "walk" along the ground.
Robo Spinda.png Robo Spinda Going for a Spinda Has arms that come out of its mouth to grab Pokémon, and a compartment in its belly to store them in. A mirror can come out of its belly to reflect Psychic attacks.
Mecha AG092.png Unknown Judgment Day! Used to steal Jimmy's Wartortle, Ivysaur, and Charmeleon. Vulnerable to Hydro Pump.
Robo-Kingler.png Hyper Kingler Alloy Z Evolutionary War Used to steal Huntail and Gorebyss. Can send out a net from its right claw and launch the left one.
AG100 Mecha.png Clawbo-Robo-Extendoarm-Greenmeanie-Cageclaw Solid as a Solrock Used to steal Solrock and Lunatone. Can send out two cages from its right hand, which can block all Psychic attacks from inside and every kind of attacks from outside. The mecha can also launch glue bombs from its mouth. Vulnerable to Thunderbolt and Psychic.
AG106 bot.png Robo Diglett Beg, Burrow and Steal! Digs holes with drill, and can snatch Pokémon with a grabber.
AG133 Mecha.png Suck-Of-A-Punishment The Right Place and the Right Mime Has vacuum arms, is able to suck up Pokémon.
150px Poké-Vac 5000 A Real Cleffa-Hanger Has giant vacuums to suck up Pokémon, it is an upgraded version of Suck-Of-A-Punishment.
AG135 Mecha.png Good At Grabbing Mucho Extres (G.A.G.M.E.) Numero Uno Articuno Is capable of flight, and has extendable grabbing hands for catching Pokémon. A green version was used in On Olden Pond.
Mecha AG137.png Unknown Hooked on Onix Has extendable arms that can be used to throw big rocks or grab targets, and has water cannons on its shoulders. It can also inflate a Chimecho-shaped balloon for flight. Vulnerable to Water and Electric-type attacks, as well as Iron Tail.
Mecha AG154.png Golem-Grabber Mark 2 Reversing the Charges! Can launch a net from its mouth, it was used again in Trials and Adulations! where it was able to launch a rock rocket. Protected from electricity.
Rocket mecha 155.png Unknown The Green Guardian Used to steal Celebi.
Potted Bonsai Boy Mark 1.png Potted Bonsai Boy Mark 1 All That Glitters is Not Golden! Has super strength, it was used to steal a gold Sudowoodo.
Robo Slaking.png Robo Slaking Slaking Kong Used to steal and collect food.

Diamond & Pearl series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
Super Sinnoh Slinger Mark 1A.png Super Sinnoh Slinger Mark 1A Two Degrees of Separation! This mecha is probably the strongest mecha yet. It is solar powered and can withstand any attack such as Pikachu's Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt, Dawn's Piplup's BubbleBeam, Aipom's Swift and Starly's Whirlwind. It has extendable arms, and unique extendable fingers. According to James this mecha can even make lunch.
Robotic Rabble Rowser Mach III.png Robotic Rabble Rowser Mach III Setting the World on its Buneary! Has extendable legs and claws, also has Pokémon containers, and rockets.
House Mecha DP013.png You-Really-Can't-Take-It-With-You-Can't-Ya Mark 93 A Staravia is Born! Has nets on its hands, and can be disguised as a house.
Fossil Restoration Device.png Fossil Restoration Device Wild in the Streets! Can unfossilize Pokémon, has net-rockets, treads.
Team Rocket transformer.png Mechabot Ya See We Want an Evolution! Was destroyed before being used.
Aspear Rock 1.png Aspear Rock 1 Cooking Up a Sweet Story! Can launch extendable arms. Extremely durable, as it took multiple hits from Focus Punch to penetrate it.
Bouldermatic Mark 2.png Bouldermatic Mark 2 Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan! Can launch extendable arms and vacuums, and can also shoot out giant flower pots that trap the opponent.
Team Rocket M10 Balloon.png Carnivine balloon The Rise of Darkrai This Carnivine balloon was used to attack Ash, Brock, and Dawn as they traveled to Alamos Town in a hot air balloon.
Potent Pink Jessie Princess Power Mark 1.png Potent Pink Jessie Princess Power Mark 1 The Electrike Company! Can launch extendable arms, and can fly like a rocket. Protected against electricity.
Sharpedo Jetski.png Sharpedo Jetski Sandshrew's Locker! Has a Magikarp Net Launcher, Carvanha torpedoes, and 3 Remoraid torpedoes
Probopass Mind Manipulator.png Probopass Mind Manipulator Nosing 'Round the Mountain! A Device that can control a Probopass by making it use moves and controlling its three noses.
Badda Bing Mecha.png Badda Bing Supreme Soaker No.6 Hot Springing a Leak! Normally shouts the words "BADDA BOOM, BADDA BING". It can also shoot water from its hands and spill hot water from the tub.
Rhyhorn mecha.png Rhyhorn Mecha Sleight of Sand! The head can open and fire out a mechanical arm. It can also use a move called "Horn Rocket" where it can stab the opponent, and fire its tail off like rocket.
Slowbro mecha.png Slowbro Mecha This Mecha can open its mouth and hit the foe with its arms, and it can also use its own special move called "Tail Attack" where it can stab the foe with its tail, or it can fire it off like a rocket.
Chingling mecha.png Tone Deaf Mecha Chingling The Bells are Singing! Can sing rough notes and blow smoke.
Croagunk Robot.png Croagunk Robot Cream of the Croagunk Crop! Has extendable tongue and arms to catch Pokémon. Its chest can open up to serve as a big container for caught Pokémon.
Flying mecha.png Unknown Hungry for the Good Life! A flying Mecha that can let out a smokescreen, and the inside is full of holes and traps.
DP085 Gliscor Bot.png Gliscor Bot Fighting Fear with Fear! A Gliscor balloon that could extend its tail to grab Pokémon. Its claws could open and launch like missiles to emulate X-Scissor, and its wings could spread open and perform an attack emulating Steel Wing.
Fairy mecha.png Unknown Arriving in Style! Can hover, has a retractable visor to cover the exposed cockpit, and can launch five extendable arms from each shoulder.
Back-to-the-Basics Bohemian Flytrap.png Back-to-the-Basics Bohemian Flytrap A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine! It can transform from a car-like form. Its mouth can be used for storage and its arms and eyes can fire lasers. It is vulnerable to Electric attacks.
Roly Poly Robot.png Roly Poly Robot If the Scarf Fits, Wear It! This mecha rolls around a ball of Pokémon food (like a Stag Beetle) that can attract Pokémon such as Lickilicky. It can also fly and pick up rocks and kick them. It can even launch a rocket that fires out a rope.
Super Sucker Mark 9.png Super Sucker Mark 9 A Trainer and Child Reunion! A device that is attached to the Meowth Balloon that can suck up Pokémon into a big container. It was used again in Frozen in Their Tracks! where it had a different nozzle and a net. Vulnerable to Signal Beams.
Nightmare maker.png Nightmare Maker Sleepless in Pre-Battle! This device sends out electromagnetic pulses that makes sleeping people have nightmares and blame it all on Darkrai.
Mechaman.png Mechaman Ancient Family Matters! It can drill using its "head", and can also throw rocks and sand with its hands.
DP109 mecha.png Earth Moving Monster Masher Mover 1 Leading a Stray! Can transform from an excavator crane to a mecha. It uses it arms to slam into the opponent, and the hands can grab objects. Vulnerable to water.
Bowling Pin Robot.png Unknown Stealing the Conversation! It can shoot mechanical bowling pins out of its arms that explode upon impact. It also has extendable arms and legs.
DP117 robot 1.png Unknown Noodles! Roamin' Off! This mecha was destroyed quickly by Pikachu using Thunderbolt, the only thing this mecha can do is jump great distances into the air.
DP122 mecha.png Piprinoleon Stopped in the Name of Love! This mecha is as big as a building with many tiny rooms and vents, it can launch extendable arms that can make Pokémon dizzy. If hit by a Thunderbolt in the underarm the bolt can travel down the arm into a mechanical room and zap the captured friend. Legs appear for hasty getaways, it is vulnerable to water.
Team Rocket Mecha DP142.png Unknown Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! A rocket that has the trio's desires, it also has a dungeon, a lift, and a control system. It flew up to space where it got attacked by a wild Rayquaza, and crash landed back to earth. Vulnerable to Hyper Beams.
Team Rocket Mecha DP144.png Unknown Gone With the Windworks! Has a big cable, the head and body can become hot like lava. It can also launch a Zap Cannon called a "Magcargo Cannon", which, however, immediately drains the battery almost completely empty if used. Vulnerable to Thunderbolt.
Drapion mecha.png Digital Drapion Bagged Then Tagged! This mecha has extendable arms with sharp claws for digging underground, and a hatch on its head. The mouth can open and send the captured Pokémon down to the abdomen. It is vulnerable to flying attacks and can also release geysers. A computer system inside the head can check where it is going and detect where other life forms are, such as Monferno. It appears to be based on a Drapion's Shiny coloration.
Drapion mecha decoy.png Digital Drapion decoy A mini mecha that is released from the big mecha above. It can dig underground and self-destruct.
Pidgey mecha.png Pidgey Mark II Try for the Family Stone! This mecha can fly and is activated by Meowth's controls, and has a container in its stomach. It also has a fan which can blow opponents away, it can also launch 2 extendable arms from its stomach which has a broom to sweep opponents away. Its wing can fly off. Vulnerable to Electric and Flying attacks.
Altaria mecha.png Unknown A Meteroic Rise to Excellence! This mecha looks like an Altaria and was used to capture Wilma's Altaria. It also has wheels and a compartment where Altaria was held, but got broke free with a combination of Altaria's Ice Beam and Flamethrower knocking the mecha on its side. Gible can also eat it.
DP157 Blasto Bot II.png Blasto-Bot II Gotta Get a Gible! Was eaten by Gible, before it could do anything.
Recycled Robo Blasto-Bot.png Recycled Robo Blasto-Bot This mecha was made from recycled parts from the Blasto-Bot II, it can leap great distances, and can show its tongue. It has an Iron Fist to grab its foe, and a regular hand as well. Vulnerable to Thunderbolt and Iron Tail.
DP163 mecha.png Unknown Fighting Ire with Fire! This mecha has glass capsules capturing enemies. It comes out from Team Rocket's Balloon with extended arms for capturing Pokémon into a container. Weak against powerful Fire and Mach Punch attacks and strong against Protect.
Team Rocket Mecha DP168 1.png Unknown Keeping In Top Forme! This mecha looks like a Caterpie, can dig underground. The forehead can open to reveal Team Rocket. A gun in its mouth fires a sticky liquid similar to a String Shot, and also if this mecha is nearly destroyed the body will crack open to reveal another mecha (below). It is strong against attacks like Energy Ball, Ice Beam, Rock Climb and Whirlpool.
Team Rocket Mecha DP168 2.png Unknown This mecha looks and flys like a Butterfree. It can release a Solar Beam attack from the antennae on its head, and it is vulnerable against air attacks like Air Slash.
TR Mecha DP169.png Robo Diglett Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue! The new and improved Diglett mecha, which is controlled by Meowth's controls. It can dig underground and can drill through rocks. It also has arms to picks things up with, extra arms for when they are destroyed. Three nets fire out from its body, and can also walk along walls. Vulnerable to powerful Eruption attacks.
TR Staraptor Mecha.png Aerial Ace Defense An Elite Coverup! This mecha is shaped like a Staraptor, and was used like a missile to defeat Ash's Staraptor.
TR Gliscor Mecha.png Guillotine Defense This mecha is shaped like a Gliscor, and was used like a missile to try to defeat Bertha's Gliscor, but it was defeated by a powerful Guillotine.
Seviper Armor.png Powering-up Parts This was armor fired out of Team Rocket's Balloon to make Jessie's Seviper stronger. It upped the strength of a Poison Tail, nearly defeating Ash's Buizel. It was defeated by Bertha's Golem's Rock Blast.
Carnivine Armor.png Powering-up Parts This was armor fired out of Team Rocket's Balloon to make James's Carnivine stronger. It upped Carnivine's Vine Whip's strength, nearly defeating Dawn's Pachirisu. It was defeated by Bertha's Golem's Rock Blast.
DP182 Mecha.png Unknown An Old Family Blend! This mecha was used when Team Rocket tried to steal Ash's Cyndaquil shortly before the beginning of the Lily of the Valley Conference. It had six hands holding different weapons; a net, a fly swatter, a plunger, scissors, tongs, and an empty hand. These hands could switch to another six with an even bigger arsenal; a drill, a chainsaw, a paint scraper, a paper fan, a drafting triangle, and a mallet. This mecha was able to withstand Bubble Beam, Water Gun, Hydro Pump (although it wasn't waterproof), Thunderbolt, and Flamethrower. Its arms were vulnerable to Razor Leaf and the mecha itself was vulnerable to Eruption. One of the strongest mechas yet.
Team Rocket Mecha M13.png Yanmega balloon Zoroark: Master of Illusions This Yanmega balloon was used while following Ash, Brock, and Dawn as they traveled to Crown City.

Best Wishes series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
BW002 Suitcase Mecha.png Unknown Enter Iris and Axew! This suitcase shaped mecha could open up and extend a pair of arms to grab Pikachu and Axew. It also works with other Pokémon.
Team Rocket Mecha BW002.png Hot-Air Balloon This mecha is more of an upgrade of the original hot air balloon.
Team Rocket Mecha BW003.png Unknown A Sandile Gusher of Change! This magnet crane was used to capture the leader Sandile.
Team Rocket Mecha BW004.png Unknown The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice! This bubble-shaped mecha was used to protect attacks as in Oshawott's Water Gun but fell to Tepig's Ember.
Team Rocket Mecha BW006.png Energy Excavating Robot Dreams by the Yard Full! This mecha can be used to harness the energy of dreams.
Team Rocket jetpacks.png Jetpacks A Rival Battle for Club Champ! Used to make quick getaways.
Team Rocket BW hologram ring.png Hologram rings A Home for Dwebble! Rings with the ability to project computer data as holograms.
Team Rocket BW helicopter.png Helicopter Scraggy—Hatched to be Wild! Often piloted by Dr. Zager, this helicopter replaced the balloon as Team Rocket's primary mode of transportation for much of the Best Wishes series. It can be outfitted with a variety of weapons and attachments.
Team Rocket energy scanner.png Unknown A scanner used to apply the Dream Energy to the Meteonite.
Team Rocket BW scanner.png Scanner A Venipede Stampede! A scanner dish attached to the helicopter. It is used to search for the Meteonite.
Team Rocket BW jet.png Jet Giovanni's personal transport jet.
Team Rocket BW ray gun.png Ray gun BW023 (unaired) A ray gun with the ability to fire an energy blast from the Meteonite. It was to be used by Jessie in its debut and James in BW024 (unaired), but due to the indefinite postponement of these episodes, it has had no canon appearances.
Team Rocket Mecha BW027.png Unknown The Dragon Master's Path! This flying mecha has three cable launchers that can be used to catch Pokémon, and pull them into the mecha's cargo hold. Vulnerable to Dragon Rage.
Team Rocket Mecha BW029 2.png Unknown Cottonee in Love! This mecha has a giant fan which can be used to blow Cottonee into a net bag (below). Vulnurable to Thunderbolt.
Team Rocket Mecha BW029 1.png Unknown The mecha has a giant net bag which is used to trap Cottonee. Protected from attacks such as Tranquill's Air Cutter, but was finally destroyed from inside when it got filled by the Cottonee's Cotton Spore.
Team Rocket Mecha BW030 1.png Unknown A UFO for Elgyem! This small machine sends out restraining energy bolts that can be used to tie its targets. Vulnerable to X-Scissor.
Team Rocket Mecha BW030 2.png Unknown This small machine looks like a briefcase. It sends out restraining energy bolts that can be used to tie its targets and trap them into a square energy field. Vulnerable to Dragon Rage and SolarBeam.
Team Rocket Mecha BW030 3.png Unknown This mecha is used for aerial transport. Vulnerable to Electro Ball.
Team Rocket Mecha BW034.png Roggenrola Cannon Gotta Catch A Roggenrola! This mecha can attach up to nineteen Roggenrola to itself and make them all to use their Flash Cannons at once, creating a powerful blast of energy. It has two extendable spiked clubs, that it used to create a cave in.
Team Rocket Ghost Train.png Ghost Train Beheeyem, Duosion and the Dream Thief! A subway train used to steal Pokémon from the Nimbasa City Pokémon Center. It is equipped with the ability to manipulate the railroad switches in the system, deploy decoy trains, and suck up Poké Balls with a vacuum tube.
Team Rocket cargo hook.png Cargo hook Battle for the Underground! A crane attached to the helicopter. Used to pick up the freight car of the Ghost Train.
Team Rocket laser containers.png Laser containers Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part 2 Laser boxes used to capture both people and Pokémon.
Team Rocket drill.png Drill Crisis at Chargestone Cave! A digging mechanism to unearth the Chargestones.
Team Rocket cargo truck.png Cargo truck A cargo truck used to transport the mined Chargestones.
Team Rocket cargo drone.png Drone A drone used to transport Chargestones after the truck's destruction.
Team Rocket barrier generator.png Barrier generator A Restoration Confrontation! Part 1 Devices used to generate a laser barrier.
Team Rocket fossil restoration machine.png Fossil Restoration Machine A machine created by Dr. Zager to restore Fossils for Team Rocket's Pokémon army. It was powered by Chargestones and ran on data stolen from Professor Juniper and Fennel, but it was destroyed by a Tirtouga.
Team Rocket eyepiece.png Eyepiece A Restoration Confrontation! Part 2 A multipurpose scanner eyepiece with a built-in communicator function.
Team Rocket energy amplifier.png Life energy amplifier A weapon used to amplify Carracosta's life energy to sustain the opening of the Time Gate.
Team Rocket stealth goggles.png Stealth goggles All for the Love of Meloetta! Special goggles devised by Dr. Zager to track Meloetta. They are capable of seeing Meloetta even when it turns invisible.
Team Rocket sensor.png Sensors Expedition to Onix Island! Underwater sensors dropped to search for the Abyssal Ruins.
Team Rocket BW submarine.png Submarine The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo! A submarine used to find and later enter the Abyssal Ruins.
Team Rocket BW air scooter.png Air scooter Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! A flying scooter used by Giovanni. It has the ability to manipulate the laser containers via a control pad.
Team Rocket sound system.png Sound system A sound system that is used to play Meloetta's song and raise the Abyssal Ruins to the surface.
Team Rocket tank.png Unknown New Places... Familiar Faces! A small tank with a cargo bay to carry stolen Pokémon.
Team Rocket Mecha BW113.png Unknown The Light of Floccesy Ranch! This mecha can fire beams of static electricity, which lures in Electric-type Pokémon like Mareep, which are then locked into a cage below. It can also absorb electricity from the Electric Pokémon within the cage and fire it from its cannon as an attack. Vulnerable to Thunderbolt.
Basculin Submarine.png Basculin Submarine The Island of Illusions! Much like the Magikarp Submarine, this mecha is powered by pedaling and serves for underwater transportation. It is used by Team Rocket while following Ash and his friends through the Decolore Islands. It resembles a Blue-Striped Basculin
Team Rocket electric cannons.png Unknown To Catch a Rotom! A device used to drain electricity from the power lines on Torom Island. The stolen electricity can then be fired from handheld cannons. It also has a container to hold a Rotom, and can drain power from the Rotom as well.
Team Rocket M16 Bazooka.png Bazooka Genesect and the Legend Awakened This computerized bazooka was to be used to capture the Genesect Army, but it was dropped by James before use.
Team Rocket balloon missiles.png Unknown Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! These missiles, launched from the balloon, latch onto the sides of the Decolore Queen cruise ship and deploy helium balloons of their own, lifting the ship into the air.
Team Rocket Mecha BW142.png Unknown The Dream Continues! This Mecha combines all of the balloon attachments into one Meowth balloon. This balloon was quickly shot down by a group attack from Ash's Pikachu, Snivy, Pignite, Oshawott, Unfezant, Scraggy, Leavanny, Boldore, Palpitoad, Krookodile and Charizard.

XY series

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
Team Rocket XY Rhyhorn mecha.png Unknown XY007 A train of metal cages used to capture Rhyhorn from a Rhyhorn race. The cages are formed from laser traps and then connect to each other, with Meowth driving the train from the front wagon. It was immobilised by Clemont's Bunnelby and Serena's Fennekin and the cages disappeared when Clemont destroyed the remote.
Team Rocket Mecha XY010.png Mega Mega Mega Mecha Meowth XY010 Piloted by Meowth, this robot has the ability to launch punches and absorb electric attacks, which it can also send back at the attacker. It is powered by an external battery, but it is also able to switch to an internal one. Its armor protects it from most attacks, but in the end, it was destroyed by Blaziken Mask's Mega Blaziken's Flamethrower.

In the manga

In the Ash and Pikachu manga

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
Poké Pod AP.png Poké Pod After the Missing Rucksack!! This device was used to capture Ash's Pikachu.
Team Rocket Golem Balloon AP.png Golem Balloon
Team Rocket Mecha SP17.png Unknown Let's Save Pikachu!!
Team Rocket Mecha SP26.png Unknown Hunt For The Treasure Of The Universe!
Team Rocket Mecha SP27.png Unknown Tale Of The Friendship Between Pikachu And Meowth
Team Rocket Mecha SP30.png Unknown The Birth Of The Invincible Team, Max And Ralts!!

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Mecha First Appearance Capabilities
Picture Name
Team Rocket Mecha ET08.png Unknown You Gotta Have Friends This machine was used to capture a large group of Pikachu using a Poké Ball cannon. It can convert between plane and walker mode.
ET09 Mecha.png Unknown I'm Your Venusaur This mecha was used to try stealing an ancient Venusaur.
ET11 Mecha.png Unknown Days of Gloom and Glory These diving machines were used to look for treasure in a sunken city.
Team Rocket Mecha ET11.png Unknown
Team Rocket Mecha ET19 1.png Venusbot Ash vs. Gary This Venusaur-shaped mecha was used stop Ash and Gary from capturing a giant Slowpoke. It has the ability to transform into a humanoid form. It is equipped with nets and a water gun.
Team Rocket Mecha ET19 2.png Unknown This Gyarados-shaped boat was used to capture a giant Slowpoke.

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