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| German
| German
| Team Galaktik
| Team Galaktik
| From ''Galaxie'', galaxy.
| From ''Galaktisch'', meaning galactic, but made English-sounding.
| Italian
| Italian

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Team Galactic
ギンガ団 Ginga-dan
Artwork of Galactic Grunts from D/P
Leader Cyrus
Region Sinnoh
Admins Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Charon
Major targets Valley Windworks, Lake Verity, Lake Valor, Lake Acuity, Spear Pillar
Base locations Eterna City, Veilstone City
Anime debut A Secret Sphere of Influence!
Adventures debut VS Bronzor

Team Galactic (Japanese: ギンガ Ginga-dan, literally Galaxy Gang) is the villainous team in Sinnoh. Unlike previous villainous teams, their goals do not stop at the Pokémon world, with their plans being for the recreation of the entire Pokémon universe.

In the games

Team Galactic appears only in the Sinnoh game trio of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, however, unlike their Generation III counterparts of Team Magma and Team Aqua, their impact on the storyline is not affected on which of the primary pair is being played until the end (varying in the Pokémon they bring before them), though their role does expand in the third version.

In Diamond and Pearl

Team Galactic first appears in Jubilife City, harassing Professor Rowan and his assistant, and trying to get them to give over Rowan's research, with the player returning from Oreburgh City just in time to help. After this, the player's next encounter with the organization in the Valley Windworks, where Mars heads up a scheme to steal energy for use in their activities.

After she has been defeated in the Valley Windworks, Team Galactic's building in Eterna City remains as a stronghold on the western side of the region. Jupiter runs the show here, possibly using the area as a base closer to the central media in Jubilife so as to reduce travel time for new commercials for Team Galactic, though this is unknown.

Team Galactic's leader, Cyrus, is first encountered shortly after this, as the player travels through the south cave of Mt. Coronet for the first time, though he does not give his name, and it is not implied at all that he is in any way involved with the group. After this, Team Galactic remains low on the radar for a while, not appearing again until Veilstone City, where their base is set up. After the player beats Maylene, Rowan's assistant will ask for his or her help in defeating two Team Galactic Grunts (the same as those in Jubilife City), who have stolen her or his Pokédex and refuse to return it. Eventually, after Crasher Wake is defeated, a single Grunt loitering near the entrance to the Great Marsh will claim to have a bomb but run away when he is overheard. The player must chase him all the way to the entrance to Lake Valor, where he will finally battle, and will run off scared due to his defeat. Cynthia will then give the player the SecretPotion and Team Galactic will vanish from the radar until after the player has met with his or her rival, Rowan, and Rowan's assistant in the Canalave Library after Byron has been defeated, where it will be found that they are responsible for a huge explosion at Lake Valor, originally mistaken for a tremor. After Saturn is defeated here, Team Galactic will block the player's way to Lake Acuity from its lakefront until Candice has been bested, and Jupiter will have defeated the rival before the player has arrived.

From here, Team Galactic's final push remains, with a showdown occurring in their Veilstone Headquarters after an initial infiltration, and then a trek to the highest part of Mt. Coronet to stop Cyrus from summoning Dialga or Palkia to destroy and remake the universe. Here the rival teams up with the player to defeat Mars and Jupiter together, while Cyrus and the legendary Pokémon remain as a final challenge. After the Pokémon is either defeated or captured, Cyrus will tell the player he is not finished and will try once again to remake the universe for himself, but will not be seen again afterward, with the assets of Team Galactic left to Saturn.

In Platinum

Several events change from Diamond and Pearl to Platinum, most significantly the fact that Cyrus appears at the beginning of the game at Lake Verity, and the addition of Charon to the cast of Team Galactic, introducing him at the same time as Mars. Looker, an international police officer, will tail Team Galactic throughout the game, but will not arrive in time to stop them at any point, as the player will have already defeated them.

Aside from this, not too many alterations are made, however, Cyrus will appear and battle with the player in Celestic Town, while Charon will assist with the penultimate stage of the Red Chain experiment. It is also stated that the plaques on the Eterna City statue of Dialga and Palkia in Diamond and Pearl have been removed by vandals, later revealed to be Team Galactic itself, for research by Cyrus. Through this the full text of the plaques can be discovered in the Team Galactic HQ later in the games.

Instead of only Dialga or Palkia being summoned at Spear Pillar, Cyrus creates a duplicate of the Red Chain to harness both of their powers, knowing the instability it would cause in the universe. The plot extends past Spear Pillar, with Giratina drawing Cyrus into the Distortion World to prevent the destruction of spacetime, and Cynthia and the player following after to make sure that the hole ripped in the fabric of spacetime by Giratina is closed so as to not destroy the world.

After Giratina is defeated or captured, Cyrus chooses to stay in the Distortion World, leaving Team Galactic's assets in Saturn's hands, as in the end of Diamond and Pearl. However, when the player journeys to the Battle Zone after becoming the Champion, Charon is revealed to still be plotting, with a plan to ransom money from the citizens of Sinnoh by threatening to cause Stark Mountain to erupt. Mars and Jupiter join him in this venture, but decide to quit when defeated by the player once more, and Charon goes it alone into Stark Mountain's deep cave. It is here where he is finally arrested by Looker, restoring Sinnoh's safety.

In the anime

File:Team Galactic High Touch.jpg
Cyrus overseeing the Commanders and Saturn's Toxicroak in the opening High Touch!.

Unlike their predecessors Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua, Team Galactic did not appear in the earliest segments of the Diamond & Pearl series, causing many to think that they would not debut in the anime at all, especially after Ash and co. passed through the Valley Windworks (where the player first encounters Mars in the games) without an appearance. Despite this, the group finally appeared in A Secret Sphere of Influence!, with Saturn and several grunts appearing in a short cameo at the end of the episode. They had assigned the Team Rocket trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth to steal the Adamant Orb from the Eterna Museum, though both Brock and Officer Jenny believed that Butch and Cassidy or Pokémon Hunter J had instead hired them.

Team Galactic made a second appearance nearly thirty episodes later, in Journey to the Unown!, this time in an expanded role. Saturn brings two grunts with him to the Solaceon Ruins, using three plates to obtain a strange cube inside. After thanking the Team Rocket trio who followed them inside, Saturn escapes using his Bronzor, leaving the ruins in chaos due to the enraged Unown. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Kenny, who were training just outside, journey into the ruins and are caught up in the chaos, eventually calming the Unown and escaping.

Finally, in Enter Galactic!, Ash and his friends encounter the organization for the first time. Saturn again leads the mission, exposing the strange cube found in the ruins to the Veilstone meteorites and transforming it into the Spear Key. Team Galactic attempts to steal the meteorites as well, but after a brief battle between Saturn's Toxicroak and Brock's Croagunk, as well as many Golbat and Ash's Pikachu and Paul's Electabuzz, the team is forced to retreat empty-handed.

Team Galactic made their biggest push yet in Losing Its Lustrous and Double Team Turnover!, when the other two Commanders, Mars and Jupiter, as well as leader Cyrus made their debuts. Cyrus is revealed to be a rich businessman who was responsible for constructing most of the buildings in the Sinnoh region, while Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are carrying out yet another Team Galactic plot, this time to steal both the Adamant Orb as well as the Lustrous Orb from the Celestic Town Historical Research Center. Cyrus's appearance and meeting with Professor Carolina is a ploy so as to remove him from suspicion with regards to the plot, leaving the Commander trio to carry out the directive. Ash and Dawn reveal to Cyrus their encounters with Mesprit and Azelf at Lake Verity and Lake Valor, respectively, unknowing of his obsession with the lake guardians and the other legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh. The Galactic plot is successful, and the two Orbs are stolen, though Cyrus never reveals himself to be behind it all. It is also revealed that some of Veilstone's meteorites have been sent to the Fuego Ironworks as part of the Red Chain project.

In Steeling Peace of Mind! and Saving the World From Ruins!, yet another plot was carried out by the group. Mars led a group of grunts to Iron Island, where a shrine to Dialga and Palkia was. Using it and the Spear Key, an electromagnetic beam that disturbed the Template:Type2s that inhabit the island was blasted at Mt. Coronet. This beam also caused a reaction on the other side of the region in the Veilstone meteorites, which glowed themselves. Ash and his friends, as well as Riley, his Lucario, and Barry, were able to destroy the machine that Mars was using, though Team Galactic's scan of Mt. Coronet remained at 60%. Charon also debuted in the latter of the two episodes; however, it was only in a cameo, and he did not have a speaking role.

In Frozen on Their Tracks!, they were apparently behind disrupting the alignment of railroad tracks leading to Lake Acuity; this caused a slight delay in the trip Ash and his friends were taking to the lake, as well as raising Looker's suspicions.

Team Galactic made another appearance in DP136, where they searched inside of Mt. Coronet's caves for ruins that would lead them to Spear Pillar. Saturn and Charon led this venture, and Looker as well became involved, but was unable to make an arrest (despite dispatching multiple grunts with apparent ease), while Charon and Saturn were forced to leave empty-handed, as the ruins were not ones leading to Spear Pillar.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ギンガ団 Ginga-dan lit. Galaxy Gang From 銀河 ginga, galaxy.
English Team Galactic From galactic
French Team Galaxie From galaxie, galaxy.
German Team Galaktik From Galaktisch, meaning galactic, but made English-sounding.
Italian Team Galassia From galassia, galaxy
Spanish Equipo Galaxia From galaxia, galaxy
Polish Zespół G Analogous to Zespół R (Team Rocket)
Korean 갤럭시단 Galaxy Dan From English galaxy.
Chinese (Taiwan) 銀河隊 Yínhé Duì Means "galaxy group".


  • Although "Team Galactic" is not incorrect, a more literal translation of the Japanese is "Team Galaxy" or "Galaxy Gang," possibly a reference to the Galaxy Gang in Pulseman.
    • An animated series titled Team Galaxy is likely the reason for the change.
  • All named members of Team Galactic are named for Solar system objects aside from Cyrus: Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are planets, while Charon is Pluto's largest natural satellite. Cyrus's name, however, is derived from an ancient Persian word for the Sun.
  • This is the only villainous team of the main games whose leader does not express any regret after being defeated or seem dissuaded from further activities. Saturn is left the Team's remaining assets and vows to refine it into a more beneficial organization, however Cyrus himself still vows to create a new world, one without spirit, after the player's battle with Giratina in the Distortion World.

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