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| Japanese
| Japanese
| フレア団 ''Team Flare''
| フレア団 ''Team Flare''
| From ''{{wp|flare}}''.
| From ''{{wp|flare}}''. May also derive from the French term ''{{wp|flair}}.
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| English, French, German,<br>Italian, Spanish
| English, French, German,<br>Italian, Spanish

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Team Flare
フレア団 Team Flare
Flare logo.png
XY Team Flare Grunts.png
Artwork of Team Flare Grunts from X and Y
Leader Unknown
Region Kalos
Admins Unknown
Base locations Unknown

Team Flare (Japanese: フレア Flare-dan, literally Flare Gang) is a villainous team in the Kalos region.

In the games

Team Flare appears in X and Y. Their sole goal is to make money.


Language Name Origin
Japanese フレア団 Team Flare From flare. May also derive from the French term flair.
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish
Team Flare Same as Japanese name.
Korean 플레어단 Peulle'eo-dan From Japanese name

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