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Team Debonairs is the lesser-known villainous team in Almia in the game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It is composed of ex-members of Team Dim Sun.


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Team Debonairs appears after the player has beaten the game and plays the special mission "Liberate the Tower". Remnants of Team Dim Sun take control of the Altru Building again, under their new name, Team Debonairs, with Kincaid as their leader. Though they have a different logo from what they had in Team Dim Sun, they still use the few remaining operational Miniremo units to control Pokémon (most Miniremo units were made useless after Operation Brighton, due to the Dark Shards within them becoming clear; however, the Miniremos at the Oil Field Hideout were out of range, and thus still operational). They are planning on continuing where Blake Hall left off, attempting to turn the Luminous Crystal back into the Shadow Crystal by removing the three gems. After the player beat Kincaid's Gliscor and Drapion, Professor Hastings appears and tells Kincaid that his plans would have failed anyway, as the darkness in his heart is nothing compared to the goodness in the hearts of the entire population of Almia.


Ordinary members

Ariados ×2
Rhydon ×2
Growlithe ×2
Haunter ×2


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