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File:AG018 - Aqua - Symbol.jpg
The Team Aqua symbol.
File:Aqua - Archie.jpg
Archie, the leader of Team Aqua.
File:Team Aqua Grunts.png
Team Aqua grunts.

Team Aqua (Japanese: アクア団 Aqua-Dan, Italian: Team Idro, Spanish: Equipo Agua) is one of the villainous teams to be found in Hoenn. They intend to raise the level of the oceans by using the power of Kyogre. Team Aqua's leader is Archie and their rival organization is Team Magma. The uniform is a gray and white shirt, blue jeans with white circles, black gloves and a blue scarf with the Team Aqua's symbol on it, the grunts in the manga also wear a jacket.

In the game

Team Aqua appears in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, but they have the central history only in Sapphire. The team is made up of three different ranks.

  • Grunts - The lowest ranking members.
  • Admins - High-level managers who oversee devious projects. There are only two on Team Aqua, Matt and Shelly.
  • Leader - In the case of Team Aqua, Archie.

Their Pokémon include Carvanha for Grunts, Sharpedo, Golbat, Mightyena, and Poochyena; in general, they use a mix of Flying-, Poison-, and Water-types.

In the anime

The Team Aqua history is introduced in AG017: Stairway to Devon where a member of the team infiltrated in Devon Corporation and stealed two capsules of Creation Fluid, but his plans are stopped by Jessie and James who wanted to steal the steal liquid. This same member in AG018: On a Wingull and a Prayer! takes a boat of Mr. Briney to escape from the police and goes to the ocean where a Team Aqua's submarine rescue him.

In the manga

File:Team Aqua.JPG
Team Aqua with Kyogre in the manga.

In the TCG

The Team Aqua's cards are in the Pokémon EX: Team Magma VS Team Aqua deck. The special ones are Archie (who lets the player choose one Team Aqua Pokémon from his deck), Team Aqua Schemer, Team Aqua Conspirator, Team Aqua Hideout, Team Aqua TM 01, Team Aqua TM 01, Team Aqua Belt and Aqua Energy. Also the team has this Pokémon:

File:Aqua - Aqua Ball.jpg
The Aqua Ball in the TCG.

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