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* The game refers to them as "<sc>Leader Tate&Liza</sc>" due to the way their Trainer class is programmed.
* The game refers to them as "<sc>Leader Tate&Liza</sc>" due to the way their Trainer class is programmed.
* In Emerald, Solrock is the only Pokémon from the original team to keep its moveset in the rematches.
* In Emerald, Solrock is the only Pokémon from the original team to keep its moveset in the rematches.
* They are the youngest gym leaders known yet.

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Tate & Liza
フウとラン Fu & Lan
"The mystic combination!"
Ruby Sapphire Tate Liza.png
Art from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Tate (left) and Liza (right)
Gender Female (Liza), Male (Tate)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Mossdeep City
Region Hoenn
Relatives Jin (father) and Rachel (mother) (anime)
Trainer class Gym LeadersRSE
Pokémon TrainersB2W2
Generation III, V
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Black 2 and White 2
Leader of Mossdeep Gym
Badge Mind Badge
Specializes in Psychic types
Anime debut It's Still Rocket Roll to Me
English voice actor Tate: Jason Griffith
Liza: Andi Whaley
Japanese voice actor Tate: Takahiro Mizushima
Liza: Chisa Yokoyama

Tate (Japanese: フウ Fu) and Liza (Japanese: ラン Lan) are the twin Gym Leaders of Mossdeep City's Gym, known officially as the Mossdeep Gym. They specialize in Psychic-type Pokémon. They give the Mind Badge to Trainers who defeat them.

In the games

Tate and Liza run the Mossdeep City Gym. Both specialize in Psychic-type Pokémon and give out the Mind Badge once defeated. They also give TM04 (Calm Mind). The two of them engage in a Double Battle against the player when the player challenges them.

In Black 2 and White 2 they participate in the Pokémon World Tournament. Unlike before Tate and Liza do not battle as a team, instead they participate as individuals.


This listing is for Tate and Liza's Pokémon in the video games in which they have appeared.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Emerald

First rematch

Second rematch

Third rematch

Fourth rematch

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon can be either male or female.

Pokémon World Tournament
Hoenn Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders Tournament

Hoenn Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders Tournament


Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Mossdeep Gym
  •  Before battle
Tate: Hehehe... Were you surprised?
Liza: Fufufu... Were you surprised?
Tate: That there are two Gym Leaders?
Liza: That there are two Gym Leaders?
Tate: We're twins!
Liza: We're twins!
Tate: We don't need to talk because...
Liza: We can each determine what...
Tate: The other is thinking...
Liza: All in our minds!
Tate: This combination of ours...
Liza: Can you beat it?
  • When defeated
Tate: What? Our combination...
Liza: Was shattered!
Tate: It can't be helped. You've won...
Liza: So, in recognition, take this.
  • After being defeated
Tate: Looks like the bond between you and your Pokémon is far stronger than the bond that we share as twins.
Liza: You will become even stronger! We've battled you, so we know.

Pokémon Emerald

  • Before battle
Tate: Pokémon...
Liza: Pokémon...
Tate: By changing the party's mix...
Liza: The battle style changes.
Tate: But me...
Liza: But me...
Tate: I'll always be with Liza!
Liza: I'll always be with Tate!
Tate: Our combination...
Liza: We'll show you again and again!
  • When defeated
Tate: You and your Pokémon...
Liza: It's as if you were siblings!
  • After being defeated
Tate: You can knock us down, but we'll never stay down!
Liza: Because the two of us, we always support each other!

Trainer's Eyes/Match Call

Leader Tate&LizaRS / Mystic Duo Tate&LizaE

We battle in cooperation.
Trainer's Pokémon
Always friendly Pokémon.
We understand each other, and we understand others.RS
Papa has trouble telling the two of us apart!E


File:SpriteTateandLiza.png Tate III OD.png Liza III OD.png Spr B2W2 Tate.png Spr B2W2 Liza.png Tate OD.png Liza OD.png
Tate and Liza's sprite from
Generation III
Tate's overworld sprite from
Generation III
Liza's overworld sprite from
Generation III
Tate's sprite from
Generation V
Liza's sprite from
Generation V
Tate's overworld sprite from
Generation V
Liza's overworld sprite from
Generation V

In the anime

Liza and Tate in the anime

Tate and Liza first appeared in It's Still Rocket Roll to Me. Their father, Jin, owns the Mossdeep Space Center and often goes into space to search for space Pokémon. As a result, they often spend time at the Space Center, and even have battles in zero-gravity by using their Baltoy's Confusion technique to levitate them.

In the anime, Liza is depicted as being more experienced in battle, and it is implied in their debut episode that she always defeats Tate whenever the two have a battle. Liza loves to annoy Tate by teasingly reminding him of such things, but what angers Tate even more is Liza's habit of referring to him as her "little" brother even though they are twins. This is because Liza is actually the older twin. Nevertheless, Liza seems to care for Tate anyway.

When Ash Ketchum and his friends visited Mossdeep, Tate quickly befriended Max since they had quite a few things in common, including Max's issues with his own older sister, May. Said episode itself focuses primarily on Tate and Max, who spent nearly the entire time by themselves while having fun together. Likewise, Liza related with May, and took to showing her new friends around the facility.

Later, while Tate and Max were hanging out in the cockpit of the space shuttle, Team Rocket infiltrated the area with the intent of stealing the shuttle. Tate and Max were unaware of this until the trio reached the cockpit, whereupon Meowth tied the two boys up back-to-back with a rope. Fortunately, Ash's Corphish had been aboard the shuttle as well, and freed the duo, who promptly knocked the Rockets out. In the moments that followed, Tate and Max became the heroes of the day when they safely landed the shuttle. The Rockets then suffered the wrath of Liza and May, who attacked them with their Lunatone and Combusken, respectively, allowing Ash's Pikachu to send them flying.

In Solid as a Solrock, Tate and Liza finally faced of against Ash in a Double Battle, in which their Lunatone and Solrock, respectively, were up against Ash's Pikachu and Swellow. At first, they continuously argued with each other, which allowed their opponent to get hits in. However, after another attack by Team Rocket, the twins managed to work together. In the battle that followed, they showed an incredible ability to balance each other's Pokémon, becoming a seemingly unstoppable force that Ash had to resort to unorthodox tactics in order to defeat. Eventually, Pikachu and Swellow used Pikachu's Thunder attack as armor, and with this new-found power, they easily defeated Lunatone and Solrock, earning Ash the Mind Badge.


This listing is of Liza and Tate's Pokémon in the anime:

Liza's Lunatone
Liza's Lunatone is the Pokémon she uses in all Gym battles. When the twins battled each other in It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!, Lunatone won the battle for Liza. She later also used it against Team Rocket after they failed to steal a space shuttle from the Mossdeep Space Center.

Lunatone's known moves are Tackle, Psychic, Ice Beam, and Light Screen, and its Ability is Levitate.

Debut It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!
Tate's Solrock
Tate's Solrock is the Pokémon he uses in all Gym battles. Although it lost to Liza's Lunatone when they battled, it proved to be just as powerful in Ash's Gym battle.

Solrock's known moves are Tackle, Sandstorm, SolarBeam, and Psychic.

Debut It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!

At Mossdeep Gym

Tate and Liza's Baltoy
Baltoy (×4)
Tate and Liza's four Baltoy live at the Mossdeep Gym where, when Tate and Liza want a battle, they use Confusion to make a battlefield with zero gravity. When Team Rocket wanted to steal the space shuttle for the Boss, the Baltoy stopped the shuttle with Confusion.

Baltoy's only known move is Confusion.

Debut It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Tate: 水島大宙 Takahiro Mizushima
Liza: 横山智佐 Chisa Yokoyama
English Tate: Jason Griffith
Liza: Andi Whaley
European French Tate: Frederik Haùgness
Liza: Fanny Roy
Brazilian Portuguese Tate: Dado Monteiro
Liza: Samira Fernandes
Spanish Latin America Tate: Irwin Daayán
Liza: María Fernanda Morales
Spain Tate: Álex Saudinós
Liza: Inés Blázquez

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Liza and Tate are the guardians of Mt. Pyre. When they somehow sensed someone had intruded into Mt. Pyre, they went all the way to Lilycove from Mossdeep in order to protect the two Orbs. However, they fell into Mack's fire illusion until Juan rescued them. Afterwards, they become Ruby's and Sapphire's teachers in Double Battling on the Mirage Island. They stayed on the island to ensure Ruby and Sapphire can leave for Sootopolis safely, and were not seen since then.


This listing is for Tate and Liza's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Liza's Lunatone
Lunatone was seen with Liza while she and Tate were traveling through a forest of Ghost Pokémon. It was used to help them find their way out. Lunatone was used against Mack and his illusionist skills. However, Mack was able to get the best of Lunatone.

Lunatone's known moves are Cosmic Power and Rock Slide.

Debut VS. Grumpig II
Tate's Solrock
Solrock was seen with Tate while he and Liza were traveling through. Solrock was used against Mack and his illusionist skills. However, Mack was able to get the best of Solrock.

Solrock's known moves are Cosmic Power, Calm Mind and Psywave.

Debut VS. Grumpig II
Tate and Liza's Spoink (×2)
Spoink (×2)
Both Tate and Liza own a Spoink while on Mirage Island. They were used to assist Ruby and Sapphire on their training and battled Plusle and Minun. The cheering Pokémon were able to defeat the two Psychic-types. As a result, Sapphire earned herself a Badge from Tate and Liza.

Spoink's known moves are Extrasensory and Bounce.

Debut VS. Spoink I


  • Tate and Liza are the first, and only pair of Gym Leaders that are battled through a Double Battle.
  • Also, they are the only Psychic-type specialists to never use Abra's evolution family.
  • Chuang Yi's translations of Pokémon Adventures manga mistakenly refer to Tate as a girl.
  • They are the only Gym Leaders to carry two Hyper Potions in their first battle. This is likely due to them being a duo, with each of them holding a Hyper Potion.
  • The game refers to them as "Leader Tate&Liza" due to the way their Trainer class is programmed.
  • In Emerald, Solrock is the only Pokémon from the original team to keep its moveset in the rematches.
  • They are the youngest gym leaders known yet.


Language Name Origin
Japanese フウとラン Fu & Lan 風蘭 fūran, the name for a type of orchid (Neofinetia falcata). 浮 means floating.
English Tate & Liza Their names combined sound similar to "levitate".
French Lévy & Tatia Possible derivation from "lévitation".
German Ben & Svenja Combining their names would get "Schweben" (levitation).
Italian Tell & Pat Possible derivation from "telepatia" (telepathy).
Spanish Vito & Leti Possible derivation from "levitación" (levitation).
Korean 풍&란 Pung & Ran Ran is a transliteration of Japanese name, while 풍 Pung is from 楓, a spelling of .
Chinese (Mandarin) 楓與南/枫与南 Fēng & Nán 楓 (maple) is an alternative spelling of . 南 (south) is a rough transcription of Lan.

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