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Tara Jayne (born Tara Sands, 20 September, 1975) was a voice actress for the English-language dub of the Pokémon anime. She is occasionally credited as Tara Jane. Aside from her work on Pokémon, she was also the co-host of Fridays on Cartoon Network until 2007. Jayne currently lives in Los Angeles, working independently.

Pokémon roles

Jayne was one of the series' original voice actors. She was known for playing the voices of young boys, as well as various Pokémon. In the middle of Advanced Challenge, Jayne left the series after playing Max. After her departure, stock footage was subsequently used to voice May's Bulbasaur as well as Ash's (until Michele Knotz took over as Ash's).

She is probably most famous for playing Ritchie and Ash's Bulbasaur.







Famous non-Pokémon roles

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