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I wanted to add kana because there are multiple readings for all of the kanji used in the island names: for instance, 黄 (ki vs. ou), 岩 (iwa vs. gan), 島 (tou vs. shima)... and I wanted to make sure it was obvious how to pronounce them. I was just going to leave it katakana, given that most everything else in Pokemon is in katakana (and, as you can see I just went through and did just that to all the Whirl Islands pages). But I just realized that in an episode title (サニーゴでアミーゴ!おうがんとうのたいけつ!!) the island name is all hiragana. (Notice おうがんとう -- ougan tou -- which is still Yellow Rock Island, just a reading I didn't expect). So, I wanted to know how I should go about doing this. Should I throw out the kanji, even though it's used often throughout the TV-Tokyo site? Or I could just assume that the episode title is a screw-up and it should really be katakana? I think my best bet would be to add furigana, but I'm not sure if Bulbapedia supports that. I'm by no means fluent in Japanese, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of me being completely wrong on all counts. Any ideas? --Greengiant

We can do something like furigana using the {{tt}}. We could even do real furigana using <ruby> tags, but most non-IE browsers (bizarre, but true) don't support them without addons. The kanji titles were never used in the original, so alternatively, we could simply discard them. For names, I think adding literal translations is superfluous - it is, after all, just a name. In this particular case, the dub name simply parrots the translation, so it is quite truly redundant. Where'd you get these names anyway? - 振霖T 07:48, 1 Aug 2005 (CDT)

Alright, that looks good to me. I'm not sure how to use the tt tag you're talking about but as long as the romaji is there, the furigana probably doesn't need to be there, given that it would probably just confuse the average user anyway. Where did I get the names? Well, I just copied the kanji from the TV-Tokyo site. When I looked into the readings for the kanji I realized how easily they could be mispronounced so I was trying to find the kana readings and I settled on the katakana, but, like I said, I saw that, again, the episode title listed on the TV-Tokyo site was in hiragana and that cleared up some of the questions I had for the kanji readings. Anyway thanks for clearing that up for me. :D --Greengiant