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:::::::::I'm not sure if you intended this, Pale Prism, but just in case... I oppose moving this to just "Water"; most users typing "Water" wouldn't be interested in this article's topic (but having the article named like that means they would land here).
:::::::::I agree with you on what you said about consistency, but for a lack of a really good/better option, I still think the current title is probably best. (Also, in case you missed it, I started [[Talk:Cave tile#Merge discussion|a merge discussion for cave/cave tile]], and I'd be interested in your rationale/opinion.) [[User:Nescientist|Nescientist]] ([[User talk:Nescientist|talk]]) 13:53, 11 September 2021 (UTC)
I still feel that "Water (terrain)" and "Ice (terrain)" are much better titles than the current ones, and that all of the other "tile" articles should just have no disambiguator whatsoever. The word "tile" is no longer really applicable to what the articles talk about, and "Water" and "Ice" are the only ones that really need extra stuff in their titles to not confusing people. [[User:Pale Prism|Pale Prism]] ([[User talk:Pale Prism|talk]]) 22:43, 2 December 2021 (UTC)