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I think Tyrannosaurus would be more accurate origin for Chigorasu than Allosaurus. Given that Chigorasu has short arms and a large head with strong jaws, it has more in common with Tyrannosaurus in terms of appearance than with Allosaurus. Allosaurus didn't have much of a bite force like Tyrannosaurus did and the arm length between the two species is different. Allosaurus has longer arms as seen here and the arms are shorter on Tyrannosaurus. --Poke'fan07

It's safe to assume it's based on any theropod dinosaur from the family Tyrannosauridae (Small hands with 2 fingers, big heads...), it could be Tarbosaurus, Albertosaurus, or most likely Tyrannosaurus. Perhaps it even shares some traits with Abelisaurids like Carnotaurus given it also has horns and very, very small hands (We'll have to wait until its evolution is finally revealed to confirm this). At this moment, it's most likely based on a Tyrannosaurus -- Jomarori (talk) 17:59, 12 September 2013 (UTC)
Indeed, I meant Tyrannosaurus or any other member of the Tyrannosauridae. I do know quite a bit about dinosaurs. It does seem to share traits of Carnotaurus as you mentioned. --Poke'fan07


"Chigorasu are dinosaurian Pokemon, closely resembling theropods like Tyrannosaurus. Their bodies are a stony grayish-brown color, with lighter gray on their bellies and lower jaw. The back comes to a peaked hump, and the tail is short and pointed. They have tiny forelimbs with only two, white, clawed digits, but their hind legs are robust and end in three white claws and a rear claw which is the same color as the rest of the body. The front part of each leg also features two, armor-like plates which are rectangular in shape. Spiky, white "fluff", similar to the primitive feathering on many dinosaurs, extends from the back of the neck. Their heads are proportionally large, with a ridged snout and powerful jaws. They have two fangs in the lower jaw, and the upper jaw features tooth-like projections on either side and a slightly-decurved hook at the end. Their large white eyes are semicircular with a black border along the lower curve. Orange, triangular horns extend from above each eye and point backwards. A similar projection juts out of the tail." ~Destruction on Wings~ (talk) 22:28, 12 September 2013 (UTC)