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Why ?????????? Exists?

It seems as though ?????????? was created in case someone managed to access the DATA for a Pokedex entry for an unknown Pokemon. This would explain why ?????????? has full Pokedex data as well as a TYPE ("UNKNOWN POKEMON"), and it would also explain why ?????????? uses the Pokedex sprite used for a Pokemon one hasn't seen.

What I mean is, when you select a Pokemon, you can view the four types of information about it. When you try to select an entry whose Pokemon hasn't been seen (shows up in the list as "----------", the sprite shown on the side is ??????????'s sprite), it won't let you view these four info pages... But what if someone managed to glitch into the info pages for one of these entries? I think ?????????? was added to prevent this from being a major glitch.

DavidJCobb 20:39, 21 March 2007 (UTC)