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In PiPiPi, it's really only a handful that can speak human (Clefairy and Squirtle). The rest are presented in a different font, indicating that they're speaking their own language and that humans can just understand them. And Meowth's clone in the first movie and MR couldn't speak human. --BJG

Did it ever really say that about the Pokemon in PiPiPi? It seems incongruous, especially since Almond keeps asking Hazel how she can understand Pikachu. Ketsuban 21:08, 18 May 2006 (UTC)

Should it be noted that Lucario's speach is granted through 'Aura?' The article points out when speach is a result of telepathy, so shouldn't aura recieve the same privalige?

also Deoxys talking through Meowth in Pokemon Ranger: Deoxys Crisis