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If a cheater use's the walk through walls cheat, they can see a shaymin on the front of seabreak path which seems to connect to route 224, however if a player walks up to seabreak path and a sign on the top says 'Seabreak Path', the shaymin dissapears(LOL, cant spell). --[[Image:Ani492MS.gif Zakuro]] 09:52, 10 February 2008 (UTC)


Is 256 tiles the longest a route can be, or is there a longer route in another generation? TTEchidna 20:19, 12 September 2008 (UTC)

It's Already On The Map

It says that when you have Oak's Letter and express your thanks at the stone, Seabreak Path 'appears';but, it's already there it just extends (and connects) towards Route 224 by about 8-14 tiles. With the walkthrough code on you could walk out a little bit and see Seabreak Path. Also if you use the code to walk out a bit, you will see a little Shaymin sprite there (on the R224 end), it probs not there in Pt though (the sprite). --Sivart345 00:50, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

8192 square units?

The article says, the route is 8192 square units. I've been trying to calculate the length of the path, dividing 8192 by the width of the route (which seems to be 3 tiles, as the player is standing in the middle, and there's an equal amount of space on both of his sides, which is just as wide as one tile. Therefore, 3 tiles wide). However, 8192, being a power of 2, (2^13), isn't divisible by 3. So, this leaves three variants:

  • The length of the route is 8192 tiles. Which gives it an effective area of 8192 x 3 = 24 576 square units/tiles.
  • I am seeing things, and the route is 4 tiles wide. Which gives it a length of 8912 / 4 = 2048 tiles.
  • The 8192-tile area includes something else other than the path itself. However, the total becoming a perfect power of 2 by an accident (route length x 3 + whatever the extra bit is = 8192) seems unlikely.

So... Which one would that be? --[email protected]$_ /usr/bin/apache2 -k restart 23:51, 17 July 2010 (UTC)

Oh, and, of course, the fourth possibility: the area listed is the area of the whole map block the route is located on (as in, "A chunk of data loaded by the engine which contains the route and other stuff like events/music/weather data/whatever"), so the dimensions of the whole map block would be probably 128x256, route stretching along the longer side. --[email protected]$_ /usr/bin/apache2 -k restart 23:56, 17 July 2010 (UTC)
Given the Echidna's comment above, I think it's the fourth. But I haven't got the route, so IDK. —darklordtrom 00:43, 18 July 2010 (UTC)