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I would like to see where it refers to 7 island as 'quest island', as it is in FRLG only and is referred to as 7 island, etc. Thanks - unsigned comment from Mpcamel1729 (talkcontribs)

Seven Island is actually only the name of the town. Quest Island refers to the town, plus the Trainer Tower, Sevault Canyon, Tanoby Key, and Tanoby Ruins. This is the case with each of the Sevii Islands. --AndyPKMN (talk) 16:55, 22 April 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, but where does it say that, Andypkmn? - unsigned comment from Mpcamel1729 (talkcontribs)
First of all, there's no need to add a new header just for your reply. Secondly, you need to sign your posts with four tildes (~). And thirdly, on-topic, there is nothing (to my knowledge) that specifically states "Quest is the island, seven is the town". Each island has a sign on it which gives the town name (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven), along with a more descriptive name (Knot, Boon, Kin, Floe, Chrono, Fortune, Quest). We've come to the conclusion that the numbers are the town names after much deliberation based on a number of clues, such as the town map (which marks only the town on each island with the numerical name) and the fact that Birth Island and Navel Rock only have descriptive names, rather than numbers (if the numbers were the name of the islands and not the towns, then we could assume Navel Rock and Birth Island would be Eight Island and Nine Island, respectively. There's been a long discussion of this on Talk:Sevii Islands. --AndyPKMN (talk) 19:32, 25 April 2011 (UTC)

Map is missing

I don't know if anyone noticed, but the location map is gone. Instead there is: {{{Mapsize}}}. Someone might want to fix that.--Gioku 17:56, 1 June 2011 (UTC)