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Um, so I just picked up a brand new, dated-this-month "Official Pokémon Magazine". Right here in Canada. It's got all this stuff about Platinum: Arceus and HGSS in it... (it claims to be the "Premiere Issue) so, like, do we have to make two articles now or what? Like, "Pokémon Official Magazine (North America)" and Pokémon Official Magazine (UK) or make the article cover both or what...? ZestyCactus 00:45, 10 December 2009 (UTC)

Well this article states that it was revived and is sold in Europe, so I'll guess the same thing has happened with you guys in Canada. If you think that this is the same magazine in a different incarnation, expanding the current article is a good idea. I'd prefer that over having two articles. —darklordtrom 08:06, 10 December 2009 (UTC)