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Um… what does Magnagate mean? I think it would be important information. --Abcboy (talk) 02:32, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

It's an AR thing. You use it to open up new Dungeons, somehow. Ataro (talk) 02:42, 15 September 2012 (UTC)
Ahhhh… So that is what (マグナゲート Magnagate) means... Augmented reality… Doesn't really make sense… --Abcboy (talk) 03:25, 15 September 2012 (UTC)
If you're looking for definition, magna is from the Latin word magnus (great), so it basically means "Great gate". --超龍Chao 03:47, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

A magnagate is the portal the player uses to go into new dungeons. They just have to be round. Here's a list of things you can use. Eggs, Tires, Balls, Toilet Paper, And More! Doggy567123 (talk) 13:39, 30 September 2012 (UTC)

Should we mention that a lemniscate is included in the title artwork/spelling as an alternate way of spelling Mugendai or ist it already too obvious that it symbolizes infinity? Renoir (talk) 08:55, 15 October 2012 (UTC) I don't know --Doggy567123 (talk) 03:13, 17 October 2012 (UTC)

Our broken numbering system

If we were to number this one, what would it be? We used to have it as:

  • MD1 (Red and Blue Rescue Team)
  • MD2 (Explorers of Time and Darkness)
  • MD3 (Explorers of Sky)

But now, with the WiiWare games (MD4? The true MD3? A spin-off of a spin-off?) and MIL (MD4, MD5, or something else), the numbering has gotten way off. --Abcboy (talk) 13:54, 30 September 2012 (UTC)

  • It'll be fine. Since the WiiWare games were not released outside of Japan, I'm gonna call it MD4.- unsigned comment from Doggy567123 (talkcontribs)
However, the WiiWare games were still released in Japan. We currently count Pokémon Stadium (Japanese) as part of the Stadium series. Unless we branch it off for Wiiware games I would say that we try to number it in a way similar to how the main series is grouped by generation. I would say Sky could be moved to MD2 as long as there is a reason for it to stay at MD3. The WiiWare games could be given either MD4 or MDW1 which leaves MIL with either MD4 or MD5. Granted, this still would not be a perfect system. --Super goku (talk) 03:02, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
I guess your right. I'm gonna call them MD4 though. --Doggy567123 (talk) 20:57, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
Wait, why do we need this? Is this essential for anything relating to the page, or is this just you asking a personal question? Personal questions belong on the forums. Talk pages are for improving the structure of the site. Jo the Marten ಠ_ಠ 21:12, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
You're right. There's no reason for this, it's stupid and has nothing to do with the page. - unsigned comment from Doggy567123 (talkcontribs)
Tell me where MD4 should go, then. --Abcboy (talk) 21:21, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
No where, those redirects are absolutely pointless. Jo the Marten ಠ_ಠ 23:13, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
Don't forget MD 1, MD 2, and MD 3 then. --Abcboy (talk) 23:15, 12 October 2012 (UTC)
UGH! JoTheMarten is right, those redirects are pointless and we're wasting time arguing!- unsigned comment from Doggy567123 (talkcontribs)
Are you sure that the redirects are pointless? We have redirects in place for several things so what is wrong with it right now? --Super goku (talk) 20:09, 13 October 2012 (UTC)
PMD1, PMD 2, and PMD 3 still exist. A Senior Administrator already deleted MD1, MD2, and MD3 with the reason "Unneeded redirect page: Not needed.". I dislike it, but if they want it gone, I pretty much have no control.--Abcboy (talk) 20:20, 13 October 2012 (UTC)
An Editorial Board member and the Editor-in-Chief already deleted some more of them. That idea is toast. --Abcboy (talk) 20:28, 13 October 2012 (UTC)
-_- If we already have the PMD redirects, then why are we talking about the MD redirects? (I now suggest Sky to PMD2 as long as there are no reasons to not move it and WiiWare to take PMD4.) --Super goku (talk) 22:36, 13 October 2012 (UTC)
(And PMD: MatIL can be PMD5 if there are no complaints.) --Super goku (talk) 22:38, 13 October 2012 (UTC)
As far as I know, the redirects MD1, MD2, MD3, MD 1, MD 2, and MD 3 were deleted. PMD1, PMD 2, and PMD 3 still remain. All I'm saying is since two-thirds were already deleted, PMD1, PMD 2, and PMD 3 aren't going to last much longer. --Abcboy (talk) 23:41, 13 October 2012 (UTC)
My point is void. But we still have Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 1 and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. And Pokemon mystery dungeon 2, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, Pokmon Mystery Dungeon 2, PMD2, Mystery Dungeon 2, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3, Pokemon Dungeon 3, Mystery Dungeon 3, PMD3, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 3. --Abcboy (talk) 23:50, 13 October 2012 (UTC)