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Jet? I've heard it pronounced Pid-gee-aught and Pid-jit, (And Pi-gee-aught and Pi-jit, for that matter) but never anything resembling jet from anyone. --Birdboy2000

You should add your name after writing something in a talk, birdboy. I have also never heard someone ever pronouncing it "jet" o.O --nYoo

I've only heard it called Pid gee ot Never heard it with Jet either. Xanhawk

I've always pronounced it Pid-jet. I think every Pokémon page should really have pronounciations. I would be willing to contribute some as it them in one of my Pokémon books. Anyone else think that this is a good idea? Before I got the book I thought that Ratls was pronounced ratless. :P -Zephy Changes 17:24, 25 January 2009 (UTC)