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Trivia Worth Noting

Is it worth adding in the trivia section that the name of the city could be a gag about how frequently people in the west pronounce ramen (RAH-MON) as "RAY-MEN". Since Unova is based on New York I don't think the idea isn't that far fetched.

stadium/court trainers

I don't know about Pokémon Black, but in White there are no Soccer but American Football players. The one that can be battled has a Darumakka. It should also be noted that these trainers can be rematched every other day and increase in power.

In the third rematch with the Am. Football player at 6 badges he uses a male Darumakka in lvl 32 which used Fire Punch and Cheer Up, and a male Dotekkotsu in lvl 32 which I defeated before it could do anything. I gained ¥3200 as a reward. My first pokemon was also lvl 32, but I don't know whether that is a coincidence or not.

At the same time and place there was also a double battle with two Fanclub (ファンクラブ) boys called Taka and Shige (タカとシゲ) using two male Darumakkas at lvl 31. First time I battled them.

BlackySully 03:29, 16 October 2010 (UTC)

In my first battle with the Am. Football player (in White Version), he had a lvl 24 Darumakka and a lvl 24 Dokkora. I gained ¥2400. The average of my team was 24 (the first Pokémon was lvl 26), but I tried using just one Pokémon at lvl 28, and nothing changed. The average lvl of all my captured Pokémon was 24.2. Tried letting the weaker ones escape, so my average went up to more than 25, but nothing changed. I think it has nothing to do with the lvl of your Pokémon. --Blow (話す) 04:43, 30 October 2010 (UTC)

Musical Hall - Crown

I'd like someone to confirm this. My Doredia won (it was the highlight) in the 4 categories of the Musical (Stardom!, もりでおさんぽ, イブニングパーティ, じょうねつのライモン) and had all 4 dressing/acting types (Cool, Cute, Elegant and Unique). After that, following the recomendations of the guy near Waruvile, I tried to make a こせい-dressed Doredia (it was almost like my Cute Doredia) and won もりでおさんぽ again (I've tried a few times until I got the correct combination). After that, while the old man was talking about each performance, he said my Doredia was the main performer. Talking again with the old man upstairs (actually, he's the owner who receives us at Musical Hall and who stays near the canvas upstairs) he gave me a Crown. There is also a lot of accessories I've received from other people after each contest. Maybe it is the case to create a Musical Hall page and add some information to the accessory page. --Blow (話す) 23:56, 29 October 2010 (UTC)