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New Layout?

Has the layout changed at all? If so any screenshots? - unsigned comment from Atomic Boom22 (talkcontribs)

You do need Rock Climb to access some of the layout.Patrickmck 04:33, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

Super Nerd

In HeartGold/ SoulSilver, there's a Supernerd with a level 19 slowpoke fairly early in who's name i missed, and a trainer just in on the Mahogany side who's name and pokemon i forgot to note down. Anyone know any of this before i go make an article on them?

The second pokemon was a Seadra with Waterfall. The Slowpoke had Strength. --PLA 09:44, 23 April 2010 (UTC)
The only trainers i've managed to encounter in Mt.Mortar is Super Nerd Markus which had a lvl 17 male slowpoke knowing curse. Also Pokemaniac Harris with a lvl 17 nidoking and lvl 17 nidoqueen who gave away $1088. I would've edited them in already but only just found the file with the details and still trying to figure out how to set up trainers --Parallel
Besides the Karate King, I only found three other Trainers in the cave. I don't know about any attacks, but this is what their teams looked like:
Trainer Pokémon
Poké Maniac Harrison
Poké Maniac Harrison
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1088
034 Nidoking Lv.17
No item
031 Nidoqueen Lv.17
No item
Super Nerd Markus
Super Nerd Markus
Reward: PokémonDollar.png912
079 Slowpoke Lv.19
No item
Super Nerd Hugh
Super Nerd Hugh
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1872
117 Seadra Lv.39
No item
Trainers with a telephone symbol by their names will give their Pokégear number to the player, and may call or be called for a rematch with higher-level Pokémon.

Hope that helps. — KC 16:41, 3 May 2010 (UTC)

Encounter rate

"[...] and its high Pokémon-encounter rate makes getting lost very costly."

Is there any information on route-specific encounter rate?

Cave tile and Tall grass suggest they have the same encounter rate (1 in (187.5/(x)) per step). X42bn6 12:27, 18 November 2011 (UTC)

Just a Question

Is there a specific reason why there are no HGSS map pics here? I found some from PsyPokes. Would that be stealing if we used those? Please don't be too harsh; I don't know much about images and stuff... KyuremsIceBlade (Talk) (Contribs) 00:39, 9 January 2013 (UTC)