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The current title is incorrect, as an artifact is, from Wikipedia: "something made or given shape by man, such as a tool or a work of art, esp an object of archaeological interest".

With the exception of the GS Ball, the Bells, and possibly the Orbs, a lot of these items are made by Pokémon, not people, and the GS Ball would never be considered an artifact. Vuvuzela2010 20:17, 18 September 2011 (UTC)

Following that definition, you are correct; however, there is not just one definition of artifact. The fundamental problem with that definition is that Pokémon are sentient too, so the definition usually applied in a non-fiction environment does not apply in a fictional universe such as this. The fifth definition is relevant here. I was originally going to go with "legendary items" for the title of this page, but someone suggested this title instead. --SnorlaxMonster 09:18, 19 September 2011 (UTC)

The Blue Orbs control Groudon and Red Orb controls Kyogre?

Shouldn't we note that, in the games, when Maxie uses the Blue Orb on Groudon, it went on a rampage, as well as Kyogre when Archie uses the red Orb, thus, revealing that they both used the wrong Orbs in order to control Groudon and Kyogre and that in the anime they STILL used the wrong orbs but are still able to control them?