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This article needs a bit of expansion, what role the individual Pokémon play, and exactly why they are giant in the first place. Not to mention what differenciates them from normal-sized Pokémon. I can't do too much here, my knowledge of episodes is limited at best, but I made a start. I split the episodes under their own heading, I'ld like to do the same to Talking Pokémon, but I think it might end up too messy, especially if there is too-little info on each Pokémon. I split them into Manga/Anime/Games either way, looks better now than it did. - Ferret 09:36, 28 Apr 2005 (UTC)

>I really don't think minor size alterations should be included in the article, as the characters in the anime never comment on the size of Juan or Winona's Pokémon, suggesting those sizes might be intended to be "normal" in the anime. The ones I listed previously were all intended to be giants.

Aside from that, there are tons and tons of minor size differences from the games to the anime - Drew's Roselia and Ash's Grovyle are both three times their in-game size. Noctowls are as big as a person, but Ash's isn't. No, these are just the writer's takes on what sizes they think individual Pokémon are (or at least should be for the purpose of looking better or plot). And thus problably shouldn't be covered on this page, because to the characters of the Pokémon anime, they're normal sized (unlike the giant Claydol or Bulbasaur - which are clearly stated to be unusually large).

Thus, I don't think they should be included, because they're not abnormal in the Pokémon anime. However, they might be better used in a similar but different topic about how Pokémon in the anime are rarely the same size as the ones in the PokéDex. Whaddya think? - Zeta

This page needs updating like Gary's Krabby being the size of Ash's Kingler...Crystal Lucario 13:02, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

"The powerful Tentacruel even spoke to the characters through Meowth, despite Tentacruel having no psychic powers." This statement is probably innaccurate, as Meowth, like most Pokémon, is able to understand what pretty much any Pokémon says, and often translates for Team Rocket. However, I haven't seen that episode, so if it wasn't the usual translating but more like some kind of 'possession' or whatever, that would indicate psychic powers. In which case the statement should probably be rewritten to make that more clear. Ettina, 1:41PM Feb 9 2009

Episodes With Giant Pokémon

EP244 said something about a giant Goldeen. Anyone care to confirm? ht14 22:44, 18 September 2008 (UTC)