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General Plot

General plot is that Cassandra makes medicine for Pokémon with Paras's help, but Paras is too weak, so, to help give it some confidence, Ash's Pokémon (and Meowth, if I remember this right) battle it and lose on purpose. Paras, thinking it's far more powerful than it really is, challenges Charmeleon to a fight. I forget what exactly happens there, but I know Paras eventually evolves into Parasect, thus fulfilling Cassandra's wish to do whatever is was that she had intended to do once Paras was stronger. - unsigned comment from Ozzie (talkcontribs)

Charmeleon's Tail Whip

Whoever put the part about Charmeleon using Tail Whip (particularly in the Errors section) can you join my side in the debate/discussion that is going on in the talkpage of the Tail Whip article? Ghostkaiba297 00:25, 24 May 2009 (UTC)