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Flinch chance

I am curious on whether or not for the move Double Iron Bash, that the chance of flinch is individual for each hit. I know that it the chance of flinching is doubled by Serene Grace but not boosted by Razor Fang or King's Rock as it already has a chance of flinching. My question is how does the game calculate the chance of flinching if the opponent is hit by the move. Does each chance have an individual chance of flinching, or is it that only one has the chance to cause flinching, because if each chance has a 30% chance of flinching, that would mean the move has a 60% flinch rate, which seems way too high. I have researched this for a while but could not find any concrete answers, so I am asking it on this talk page. (PeakA (talk) 03:58, 9 April 2020 (UTC))