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Could one of its origins be the elephant? Elephants are large and formidable creatures and therefore are hard to take down, like a Cubone and Marowak due to their high defense stat. They are also one of the most powerful creatures alive today similar to how Marowak currently has the highest attack capability. The biggest similarity between Cubone's family and elephants are their reactions to death. It has been shown that elephants are vary sensitive to the death of their family or even others of their own species and have some kind of feeling to bones of dead elephants. In one particular examination of elephants a matriarch of a family of African elephants died devastating them all, but most surprising of all her calf began to weep and scream at the dead mammal as a Cubone is said to do in numerous pokedex entries. Also in the crystal pokedex entry for Marowak it references a mass Marowak graveyard hidden in the world a reference to the modern myth of the elephants graveyard. - unsigned comment from Toymoo (talkcontribs)