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Adam Blaustein? Actually, which name should we settle on? She uses four different names, and we should have them all redirect to one, but which one?--BJG

I don't think its neccesary to have pages here for Voice Actors, they should just link to the main Wikipedia - MTC

Considering she currently goes by Madeline, I think it would only be proper to refer to her as Madeline. "Adam" was her birth name, and "Maddie" is just a nickname for Madeline. --Ketsuban

But she still uses all four names, Madeline, Adam, Addie, and Maddie. --BJG

We should use Madeline. Maddie and Addie are just nicknames, and Madeline is proper -- unless we we're referring to her before she changed her name, in which case we would use Adam. User:Jellochuu/s 23:15, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)