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Hasn't anyone ever noticed that...

...the times when a this-world animal is depicted somehow in the Pokémon universe, it is for a good reason? For example, the Dex entries (which are all listed in the game) could be intentional, giving us (as players) a means of reference, as we, for example, can't really compare with the thickness of a Hippowdon's hide (that was only an example). Many of the usages of our animals alongside Pokémon are used because there is no Pokémon equivalent of the animal discovered yet. Some problems might have just been accidental in addition. These are all just ideas that I've been working on. They are not by any means official, just my 2 Pokéyen (?). --TruePikachu 06:20, 13 April 2010 (UTC)

Bird Keeper Sprite

Are we sure that the bird on the Generation I Bird Keeper's arm isn't supposed to be a Pidgey? Because the Pokémon Stadium JP sprite for the Bird Keeper very clearly shows a Pidgey on the Bird Keeper's arm. PhantomJunkie 23:56, 23 January 2011 (UTC)