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Dub Edit Error?

I would like to address one of the dub edits on the article, shown below.

  • Max said that Ash, May, and Drew had the flu in the dub, but none of these characters appeared to be ill. (May not actually be an error)

I believe that is really is not an error. While I was writing the synopsis, I took down the exact quotes from the dub, shown below.

  • Professor Oak: Hmm, it appears she's got the flu. She's been working so hard lately.
  • Max: First Ash and Brandon, then May and Drew. This has been an intense time for someone who loves battling as much as Nurse Joy does.

What Max may be referring to (and this is my opinion) could be the first official battle between Ash and Brandon as well as the practice contest battle May and Drew had in the previous episode. He could be talking about Nurse Joy being under high stress from watching the intense battles. In reality, too much stress can lower a person's immune system and make him or her more vulnerable to getting the flu. Does anybody concur? rockersk08 16:45, 8 January 2009 (UTC)