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A potential error, or rather, an incongruity in characterization occurs in this episode. James laments that he cannot live on an island because he's "spent [his] life as a spoiled brat from the city." Although the dub writers perhaps think they can skirt the issue merely by avoiding using absolutes in the text, the clear and present evidence to the contrary is overwhelming in that Team Rocket is regularly out of money, low on rations, and James is constantly abused by Jessie, and this puts aside the fact that he ran away from his upbringing. You wouldn't think a criminal organization like Team Rocket would have resources to spoil any brats apart from their power-hungry leader and his snobby Persian. In other words, the potential comic aspect of James making a ludicrous claim (in its nature contradictory to the lifestyle which the Rocket Trio endures yet constantly strives to deny themselves of) is questionable at least. Okay, yes, it's not really an error, but more along the lines of a thread of evidence woven throughout numerous episodes concerning fabricated details which attempt to feign the Rocket Trio as being worse people than they actually manage to be. I propose that such a topic on the Rocket Trio exists, and includes, but is not limited to, highly nefarious claims in multiple episodes that they are somehow transgressing any visible semblance of a moral boundary. This seems to be expressed largely through inference that the viewer is expected to label the Rocket Trio as "bad" by the writers' standards, as opposed to the viewers'. PharosAM 06:57, 20 January 2010 (UTC)