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Broadcast of a Super Contest Show on the monitor of the Jubilife TV station

Television programming in Sinnoh consists mainly of programs produced by Jubilife TV.

Jubilife TV programs

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In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum television screens flash constantly. Jubilife TV produces many television programs broadcast all around the Sinnoh region, including the Trend Tracker show, Trainer Research, and Sinnoh Now. Each program includes information about events happening around Sinnoh, including swarming Pokémon and weather affecting different routes. They may also contain information about the player, which can be customized by speaking to a number of interviewers and can be found scattered across the region. Answers to the interviewers' questions are limited, but more answers can be added by learning trendy phrases in Snowpoint City. At the conclusion of each program, a series of advertisements can be watched.

In addition to the following shows, Jubilife TV is mentioned to have produced the specials aired on Nationwide Net at the beginning of the game: "Search for the Red Gyarados!" in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and "Let's Ask Prof. Rowan!" in Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

When the player enters a room containing a TV, a show will be chosen. A different part of that show will be displayed each time the player watches the TV, until the show ends—then, only commercials will appear unless the player leaves the room.

Trend Tracker Show

  • Pokémon Photo Rating: Rates the pictures on the second floor of Jubilife TV.
  • Berry Lookout: This program features the Berry Professor going out to a route or city in which Berries can be planted. This can serve as a reminder as to where Berry trees are growing, if there are any. If there are none, of course, he will be disappointed and encourage viewers to plant Berries.
  • Matchup Channel: The Matchup Channel is a short segment about how effective one type of move is against a specific type of Pokémon.
  • On-the-spot weather: Helena tells the weather in one of Sinnoh's many locations. This program is also aired on Sinnoh Now.

Trainer Research

Reporters around Sinnoh sometimes ask the player for an interview. Here's where those interviews turn up.

  • The Pokétch Watch: The Pokétch Watch is about the player's favorite Pokétch app. It is activated by talking to the reporter in the headquarters of the Pokétch Company.
  • Amity Square Watch: A reporter talks of how a Trainer walked with their Pokémon in Amity Square, what Pokémon it was, what the last item the Pokémon picked up was, and what the Trainer and Pokémon's feelings together were. Activated by talking to a reporter in one of the entrances to Amity Square after having taken a walk there.
  • Street Corner Personality Checkup: A reporter attempts to determine what a Trainer's personality is from their favorite type. Activated by talking to a reporter in a house in Canalave.
  • Your Pokémon Corner: An interviewer reports what a Trainer thinks of the Pokémon at the front of their party. Activated by talking to the reporter in the Pokémon Fan Club.

Rack 'Em Up Records

Hosted by Serge and Tanya, this show looks at records achieved and broken by Trainers. Serge explains the record broken, and Tanya naively comments on what she understands it to be.

The various record-breaking achievements broadcast here include:

  • Berry Master: Reported when a player grows the maximum amount of Berries on one plant. Tanya thinks that the Trainer is gluttonously eating them.
  • Trap-busting master: Activated when the Trainer disarms traps in the Underground. Lists the number of Traps disarmed and the last Trap disarmed before the player surfaced. Tanya is very enthusiastic about this.
  • Slots-winner: Activated by winning coins in Veilstone City's Game Corner. Tanya may mistake slots for slops, and talks about Spoink and Grumpig. Lists the number of coins that the player started out with and the number of coins they ended up with.
  • Capture the Flag: Reports on how many flags a Trainer stole (Tanya: "Isn't that greedy?") in the Underground session before surfacing. Is activated by playing Capture the Flag with a friend.
  • Battle Tower: Reports on the latest Battle Tower record. In case of a Double Battle record, Tanya thinks that the Trainer hasn't got the guts for entering the Single Battle challenge. Serge, however, thinks the opposite.
  • GTS trade master: Activated by trading many Pokémon in one day via GTS. The show mentions the number of trades the player has made in GTS on one day. Tanya erroneously refers to GTS as "Gross and Terribly Stunky".

A Trainer's Day

A program that offers unique looks into the daily lives of Trainers.

  • What's Fishing? Trainers with Rods: The MC says what fishing rod a Trainer used, what Pokémon was caught, and gives the Trainer a score from 1 to 100.
  • Planting and Watering Show: A Berry plant a Trainer grew is judged by the Berry Guru based on how many Berries the plant bore. He will give advice if the plant did not give over 2 Berries.

Pokémon Battle Watch

On Pokémon Battle Watch, the MC does "in-depth analysis of hot-blooded battling Trainers!"

  • Rate That Name Change: An appraiser rates a Pokémon's new nickname. They list an attribute to the name change (becoming speedier, smelling nicer, etc.) but list detriments (Which is always becoming mired in bogs) too. Activated by changing a nickname using Eterna City's Name Rater.
  • Seal Master's Seal Club: The Seal Master rates a Trainer's Ball Capsules. Activated by using a Ball Capsule on a Pokémon.
  • Special News Report: Finding Hidden Items:This program, unlike most others, is not named, and is called a special news bulletin. It is activated by finding a hidden item, and reports how the Trainer appeared to be furtive and scanned the area often, finding a hidden item in the process.
  • Happy-Happy Egg Club: Reports an Egg hatching and where it was hatched, as well as the species. Activated by hatching an Egg.
  • Catch That Pokémon Show: Using Pokémon's old motto, a DJ reports how a Trainer "caught our eye with a dandy of a catch", what Pokémon was caught, and how many Poké Balls were used (or, alternately, how the Trainer completely failed at catching the Pokémon).

Battling Trainers

  • Battle Tower Corner: Reports a Trainer's winning streak in Battle Tower and a one-word phrase from the Trainer's vocabulary about it. Activated by talking to a reporter after battling in Battle Tower.
  • Contest Hall Report: A Coordinator is interviewed about the Contest they have just participated in, and what their feelings are about it. Activated by talking to a reporter after participating in a Contest.
  • Three Cheers for Poffin Corner: The Poffin Maniac rates Poffin. Activated by making Poffin.
  • Right On Photo Corner: The MC praises the player's photo that they have hung up on the second floor of Jubilife TV. They also ask the player their thoughts behind said photo. Activated by talking to a reporter after creating a photo.

Sinnoh News Net

A formal news broadcast.

  • Underground Treasure Corner: A show featuring a Ruin Maniac as a guest, describing how the Player dug up treasures in the Underground and how the Ruin Maniac dug up nothing. Activated by placing Underground treasures into the Bag.

Sinnoh Now

Main article: Sinnoh Now

Sinnoh Now talks about current events in Sinnoh. A variety of information can be obtained from it. It bills itself as a "portal to what's hip and happening in Sinnoh!".

  • Discovering Groups: A reporter comments on a player's group and uses a type to describe it. Activated by talking to an Ace Trainer in Jubilife City and starting a group.
  • On-the-spot weather: An independent program which also airs on Sinnoh Now. Helena tells the weather in one of Sinnoh's many locations.
  • Pokémon Research Corner: A researcher examines a wild Pokémon, discovering its held item and getting his finger scratched in the process. In Platinum, it is replaced with a program about nature.
  • Swarm News Flash: A news flash airs in which the reporter says the location of that day's mass outbreak and what Pokémon is swarming. Only airs after the player obtains the National Pokédex.

Pokémon Platinum

Trend Tracker Show

The Matchup Channel has been replaced by Your Town's Top Three. Also, a news flash has been added.

  • Your Town's Top Three: A program which lists the three best attractions of the town the player is in. If the area the player is in does not have a top three (such as routes or small towns like Resort Area), the program will take the form of a commercial.
  • News Flash: The announcer from the Swarm News Flash reports a sighting of any of the Roaming Pokémon on whichever route they currently are.

Trainer Research

A new interview program has been added.

  • In-Your-Face Interview: A reporter in Veilstone's south exit asks for one-word answers to off-the-wall questions, such as what the player considers to be the third most important thing in their life.

Rack 'Em Up Records

The Battle Tower program has been replaced by a Battle Frontier program, which can include any facility. Also, a new program has been added, about Battle Points.

  • Battle Frontier: Serge talks about the player's winning streak in one of the facilities.
  • Battle Points: Serge talks about the number of Battle Points the player has earned in one day. Tanya wonders if the player has mistaken BP for money.

A Trainer's Day

A shopping program and a program about Pokémon Boxes have been added.

  • Sinnoh Shopping Champ Corner: Details what an item the Trainer bought, as well as the quantity purchased.
  • Pokémon Box Show: Details the latest PC transactions.
  • Home & Manor: Comments on a piece of furniture purchased for the Villa; the cost is always equal to a "year's supply of Potions."

Sinnoh Now

Main article: Sinnoh Now

The Pokémon Research Corner has been replaced with a program about nature.

  • Rich Boy's Nature Corner: A Rich Boy talks about the Nature of Pokémon. He either tells which flavor Poffin it likes or which stat grows the fastest. He also says either that he likes hot milk or has a cheerful nature.

Pokémon Variety Hour

A whole new show, with catchphrases such as "Can you Diglett? Ready to buzz through like Electabuzz? Everyone feel happy like Happiny? Feeling groovy like Grovyle?"

  • Ketch Appy, Pokétch Detective: A Jubilife Pokétch Company-sponsored show, it covers the adventures of Ketch Appy, a child prodigy and detective, as she uses her Pokétch to identify and track down subjects.
  • Diary of a Poké Romantic: The adventures of a beginning Trainer and her Kricketune while traveling in search of the Gym Leader with whom she is smitten. She is aided by her childhood Bug Catcher friend.
  • At The Surf's Edge: An ongoing drama in ten parts, this program covers Dovina and her son Howard's adventures (It is not stated what they hope to accomplish).
  • Sinnoh Sports: Covers pro-wrestling matches live, with Crasher Wake winning every time.
  • The Professor Evolves Eight Times: A show about a "dapper Pokémon professor by day...and a crime busting crusader with his Pokémon pals at night!" The Professor's catchphrase is, "You evolve, too."
  • Pokémon Search: A research team searches for either the red Gyarados, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Deoxys, Rayquaza, or some ghosts in Old Chateau. This is the TV show from the beginning of Diamond and Pearl. Also featured are Pokémon such as a four-winged Zubat attacking workers, and a 100-foot-tall Bellsprout.
  • We Love the GTS!: A reporter asks a random bystander in the GTS station what they think of the Pokémon that they've received. The interview subject gives generally positive reviews, but wonders why his Pokémon has such a strange set of moves; Cut, Explosion, Double-Edge, and Reversal. The Pokémon is not named, but the only Pokémon that can learn all four of these moves is Smeargle. It is possible that this is a reference to cheating.
  • Sinnoh Hot Hit Tunes: Counts down the top three songs of the week, which are always the same but with key words replaced. The third song title is based on the Pokémon that is first in the player's Party. The second song is merely at random, but sometimes can be based on an Accessory or something found in the player's Bag. The number one song is based on the Pokémon the player has recently captured or traded.

In the anime

Like in the games, Sinnoh Now is broadcast in the Sinnoh region, with Rhonda and Jack as part of the staff. Marian also hosts a TV show, in which she announces the locations of upcoming Pokémon Contests and recaps past competitions.

In When Pokémon Worlds Collide!, Dawn instantly recognized Professor Oak, revealing he hosts a poetry show.

The game show Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle is very popular in the region. In Beating the Bustle and Hustle!, Team Rocket disguised themselves as producers searching for contestants with a full obstacle course setup apparently replicating that of the show, but in reality it was a front for recruitment for the organization itself.

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