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In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, there will often come up a Pokémon that knows a move it cannot learn legally in any of the games.

Occasionally, in-game event Pokémon that can be transferred onto the main series games have a move that is not normally included in that Pokémon's moveset (a prime example being Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire, which gave away four separate Pokémon with moves that were not normally available to that specific Pokémon).

List of TCG Pokémon with moves they cannot learn in the games

Original Series

Sprite Name Move TCG Set Picture
065.png Alakazam Confuse Ray 1004Base Set AlakazamBaseSet1.jpg
082.png Magneton Selfdestruct 1004Base Set MagnetonBaseSet9.jpg
147.png Dratini Pound 1004Base Set DratiniBaseSet26.jpg
014.png Kakuna PoisonPowder 1004Base Set KakunaBaseSet33.jpg
063.png Abra Psyshock* 1004Base Set AbraBaseSet43.jpg
096.png Drowzee Confuse Ray 1004Base Set DrowzeeBaseSet49.jpg
081.png Magnemite Selfdestruct 1004Base Set MagnemiteBaseSet53.jpg
011.png Metapod Stun Spore 1004Base Set MetapodBaseSet54.jpg
025.png Pikachu Spark 1004Jungle 200px
097.png Hypno Dark Mind 1004Fossil HypnoFossil8.jpg
082.png Magneton Selfdestruct 1004Fossil MagnetonFossil11.jpg
008.png Dark Wartortle DoubleSlap 1004Team Rocket DarkWartortleTeamRocket46.jpg
063.png Abra Psyshock* 1004Team Rocket AbraTeamRocket49.jpg
119.png Misty's Seaking Mud Splash 1004Gym Heroes MistySeakingGymHeroes55.jpg
116.png Misty's Horsea Tackle 1004Gym Heroes MistyHorseaGymHeroes86.jpg
013.png Weedle Peck 1004Vending Machine WeedleVendingS1.jpg
014.png Kakuna Rollout 1004Vending Machine KakunaVendingS1.jpg
007.png Squirtle Pound 1004Vending Machine SquirtleVendingS1.jpg
019.png Rattata Scratch 1004Vending Machine RattataVendingS1.jpg
090.png Shellder Water Spout 1004Vending Machine ShellderVendingS2.jpg
100.png Voltorb ThunderShock 1004Vending Machine VoltorbVendingS2.jpg
021.png Spearow Gust 1004Vending Machine SpearowVendingS2.jpg
132.png Koga's Ditto Pound 1004Gym Challenge KogaDittoGymChallenge10.jpg
133.png Lt. Surge's Eevee Surprise
1004Gym Challenge LtSurgeEeveeGymChallenge51.jpg
037.png Blaine's Vulpix Bite 1004Gym Challenge BlaineVulpixGymChallenge66.jpg
046.png Erika's Paras Irongrip 1004Gym Challenge ErikaParasGymChallenge71.jpg
016.png Koga's Pidgey Peck 1004Gym Challenge KogaPidgeyGymChallenge80.jpg
063.png Sabrina's Abra Pound 1004Gym Challenge SabrinaAbraGymChallenge93.jpg
012.png Butterfree Fly 1004Southern Islands ButterfreeSouthernIslands9.jpg

Neo Series

Sprite Name Move TCG Set Picture
159.png Croconaw Tackle 1004Neo Genesis CroconawNeoGenesis32.jpg
158.png Totodile Fury Swipes 1004Neo Genesis TotodileNeoGenesis81.jpg
248.png Tyranitar Slam 1004Neo Discovery TyranitarNeoDiscovery12.jpg
247.png Pupitar Skull Bash 1004Neo Discovery PupitarNeoDiscovery45.jpg
060.png Poliwag Rollout 1004Neo Discovery PoliwagNeoDiscovery62.jpg
147.png Dratini Fury Attack 1004Neo Destiny DratiniNeoDestiny63.jpg
246.png Larvitar Rock Throw 1004Neo Destiny LarvitarNeoDestiny70.jpg
191.png Sunkern Rollout 1004Neo Destiny SunkernNeoDestiny83.jpg

Vs era

Sprite Name Move TCG Set Picture
248.png Rocket's Tyranitar Slam 1004Pokémon VS RocketTyranitarVS142.jpg

Web era

e-Card Series

EX Series

PCG era

Diamond & Pearl Series

Platinum Series

HeartGold & SoulSilver Series

Call of Legends Series

Black & White Series

Miscellaneous Releases

Former errors

Sprite Name Move TCG Set Picture
138.png Omanyte Bind 1004Neo Discovery OmanyteNeoDiscovery60.jpg
250.png Ho-Oh Dive Bomb 1004Neo Revelation Ho-OhNeoRevelation7.jpg
130 s.png Shining Gyarados Outrage 1004Neo Revelation ShiningGyaradosNeoRevelation65.jpg
184.png Light Azumarill Bubble 1004Neo Revelation LightAzumarillNeoDestiny13.jpg

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