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Tōkichi in the anime

(Japanese: トウキチ Tōkichi) is a character of the day in Ariados, Amigos.

He is the owner of the Pokémon Jujitsu Academy that is in between Goldenrod City and Ecruteak City. When Aya came to perfect and improve her training skills, Tōkichi took her under his wing and became her tutor. He and his Ariados helped Aya and her Venonat become better at battling. As well as being the owner of the academy, he partakes in many of the classes that the academy offers. In the class for improving battle techniques, he is the judge for each battle.

After Jessie, James, and Meowth stole all the students' Pokémon, Tōkichi, as well as Aya and the gang, chased after them. He used his Ariados's web in order to make a kite. Aya stated to Ash that creating and utilizing the kite is one of her master's greatest techniques. Using ninja stars, he cut the balloon and cut the rope holding the stolen Poké Balls.


Tōkichi's Ariados
Tōkichi's Ariados was used to battle Aya to make her stronger. It first appeared when Ash and his friends found it injured. Before Brock could check it over, Aya appeared and claimed it, and its Trainer called and it escaped. Aya gave chase but her Venonat got caught in its web. Tōkichi then appeared next to Ariados. Later, when Team Rocket stole all the Pokémon, Ariados created a kite to give chase, but when it reached Team Rocket it was too tired to fight. In the end, Team Rocket was wrapped up in Ariados's web.

Ariados's known moves are String Shot and Spider Web.

Debut Ariados, Amigos

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 若本規夫 Norio Wakamoto
English Ken Gates
Spanish Latin America Víctor Delgado
Spain Héctor Cantolla

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