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A Swimmer is a type of Pokémon trainer that first debuted in the Generation I games. Originally, they only came in male versions, Swimmer♂ (Japanese: かいパンやろう Swimsuit Guy), but in Generation II, female swimmers, Swimmer♀ (Japanese: ビキニのおねえさん Bikini Lady) were introduced.

They specialize in Template:Type2 Pokémon. In Pokemon Stadium, the nicknames of the Male Swimmer's Pokemon end with "mer."


The Japanese versions show the male Swimmers wearing Speedo. This was changed to shorts in the dubs.

Male Swimmer Sprites
Female Swimmer Sprites
Image from Pokémon Gold and Silver (Japanese version)
File:GSC SwimmerF.png
Image from Pokémon Gold and Silver (American version)

In the manga

In the Pokémon Special manga, a Feebas-hunting Swimmer appears in PS208. When Ruby accidentally crashes into his trap laid for the Feebas, he forces Ruby into helping him with his hunt.

Later, the same swimmer appears in Slateport City. While the contest hall collapses, he helps the shocked Ruby out of the hall. Template:Gen I trainers Template:Class stub Template:Project Class notice