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Bag Sweet Heart Sprite.png

The Sweet Heart (Japanese: ハート スイーツ Heart Sweets) is an item available in Generation V. It is made of very sweet chocolate. If the bag is sorted by type, it is located between Berry Juice and Fresh Water.

In the games

A number of Sweet Hearts are obtained through use of the C-Gear's Feeling Check, proportional to the "compatibility" of the two players.

Rank Score Sweet Hearts obtained
S 100 3
A 90-99 2
B 80-89 2
C 70-79 1
D 60-69 1
E 50-59 1
F 40-49 1
G 30-39 1
H 20-29 1
I 10-19 1
J 0-9 1

Sweet Hearts can also be obtained in the Dream World area Pokémon Café Forest.


They restore only 20 HP to a single Pokémon when used. A woman in Mistralton City will exchange ten Sweet Hearts for one Heart Scale. On Valentines Day and Pi Day, the woman will allow the exchange for only five Sweet Hearts.


Sweet Hearts are based on heart-shaped chocolates which are a popular gift between lovers. Their name is a pun on the term of endearment "sweetheart".


This is the artwork of the Sweet Heart as seen in the Pokémon Dream World.

Dream Sweet Heart Sprite.png
Sweet Heart

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