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Susie (Japanese: ユキ Yuki) is a famous Pokémon Breeder, who is adept at releasing a Pokémon's inner beauty and health.

In the Anime

In Kanto, Brock took Ash and Misty to Scissor Street, a district of salons and supply stores geared towards Pokémon Breeders. Brock finally found what he was looking for - Susie's salon. Brock tried to introduce himself, but was too shy.

Misty noticed Susie's Vulpix and tried to pet it, but ended up getting burned by the tempermental Pokémon's attacks. Susie explained that Vulpix didn't like being handled by strangers.

Brock finally got up the courage to introduce himself and asked for Susie to make him her student. A confused Ash asked Brock why he'd want to do that.

Brock gushed that Susie was an trophy winning Breeder for the past three years, was often featured as "Most Popular" in magazines, and had a popular website. He also said that her Vulpix was like the supermodel of the Pokémon world.

Susie turned Brock down, saying that she was just too busy to take on students. Susie invited everyone to lunch, where she noted Pikachu's healthy coat. Brock hapily announced that he personally prepared the mouse's food. Vulpix ate some of Pikachu's food, and Brock was so flattered and honored by this that he slammed his head into the table why bowing before the Fire-type Pokémon.

Misty brought up the topic of some flashy Pokémon they had seen on Scissor Street, and Susie explained that they were customers of Salon Rocket, a flashy beauty parlor that had been attracting all of Susie's usual customers. Apparently, making Pokémon look flashy was a new fad that had been taking the area by storm. Ash doesn't like the idea of dressing up Pokémon. An angered Misty said the idea was great, and decided to take her Psyduck over to the rival parlor just to spite Ash.

Susie said that she usually put emphasis on substance over style, but she had began to question her meathods when Salon Rocket had began to rise in popularity.

Ash and Brock tried to cheer her up, insisting that she was really good. Ash and Brock decided to organize a lecture for Susie, where she demonstrated massage on Pikachu. Susie explained that close personal relationships with Pokémon were the most important thing in raising them.

The lecture drew a lot of customers away from Salon Rocket, leaving only Misty and Psyduck left. It turned out Salon Rocket was actually a front for Team Rocket, who decided to hold Misty hostage to try to get Pikachu.

Psyduck, however, escaped and ran back to Susie's salon to get help.

Angered, Susie made a long speech about inner beauty being more important than outer beauty. Ash and Brock had Pikachu and Geodude battle Team Rocket. Susie finished things by having Vulpix blast the villains off with a Fire Spin.

Susie was impressed with the way Brock handled his Pokémon in Battle and thanked him for helping her restore her faith in her methods. Susie thought that Brock had taught her a lot, and that she wasn't ready to be anyone's teacher. She decided to shut down her salon and go on a journey of her own.

Since Brock was the first person other than herself that Vulpix liked, Susie decided that Brock should take care of it, as he might be able to raise it better than her.


This listing is of Susie's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.

  • Vulpix (Returned to her by Brock)