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File:Survival area.PNG
Survival Area as it appears in Platinum Version, aesthetically redesigned.

Survival Area is an area in northern Sinnoh accessible after beating the Elite Four. It links Route 225 with Route 226. According to the in-game text, it is a place where "Trainers gather to work out and hone their battling skills." Survival Area is also a training place for those who lose in the Battle Tower/Battle Frontier. There are only five buildings in the Survival Area, including a Pokémon Center and Poké Mart. In the southernmost house, the player may obtain TM42 (Facade). In the westernmost one, Buck's grandfather lives. The last house, inhabited by a Hiker, is reachable only via Route 226. In Pokémon Platinum, this hiker acts as one of the game's three new Move tutors.

Places of Interest


Main article: Battleground

In Pokémon Platinum, in front of the entrance to the Battleground is a spot where the rival will stand on Saturday and Sunday in Pokémon Platinum.

The Gym Leaders and the Trainers the player teamed up with in Sinnoh are here and available for battle. Up to four of these trainers appear each day and the player can battle them only once a day. The Gym Leaders' and trainers' Pokémon levels are between 61 and 66.


The population of Survival Area is 13.



  • As the Survival Area is north of Sinnoh, it would be expected to be covered in snow like Route 217 to the west. Instead, it is shown as a hot tropical place. This may be due to Stark Mountain, an active volcano, nearby.

Name Origin

The name may come from the fact that it is one of the most remote of the incorporated areas of Sinnoh, separated from all others by Routes 225 and 226, both of which feature very rugged landscapes.

In other languages

  • Spanish: Zona Sobrevivir
  • Italian: Area Provviste
  • German: Überlebensareal


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