Surely Tomorrow

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DP ED 03
Artist 歌奈子
Lyrics 須藤まゆみ
Composer 三留一純
Arrangement 三留一純
Pikachu Records
Title ハイタッチ!/あしたはきっと
Catalog no. ZMCP-4370

Surely Tomorrow (Japanese: あしたはきっと Ashita wa Kitto) is the third ending song of the Diamond & Pearl series. It debuted in DP096, replacing Message of the Wind‎.

Ending animation: DP ED 3


  • Piplup is walking in the night sky thinking about an argument it had with Pikachu
  • Piplup runs off from Pikachu and the other Pokémon.
  • Piplup starts to think about the good times it had with Pikachu and the other Pokémon.
  • Piplup sees a shooting star go by and Pikachu and the other Pokémon come running to Piplup.
  • Piplup starts to cry and high-five's Pikachu.



  • Ash (snow sculpture)
  • Brock (snow sculpture)
  • Dawn (snow sculpture)



Japanese Romaji English
シュンシュン シュルルン ションボリン SHUNSHUN SHURURUN shunborin Whistle, whistleistle, I'm feeling down
元気だそう Genki dasō I need to cheer up
シュンシュン シュルルン ションボリン SHUNSHUN SHURURUN shunborin Whistle, whistleistle, I'm feeling down
あしたわきっと いい天気き いい天気 Ashita wa kitto ii tenki ii tenki But I'm sure tomorrow we'll have good weather, good weather
けんか別れね帰り道 Kenka wakare ne kaerimichi Going home after we fought
プンスカしていた はずなのに Ponsuka shite ita hazu na no ni I smacked you, but even so
やっぱい ひとりは つまんない Yappai hitori wa tsumannai It really is boring being all alone
つまんない...な Boring...
シュンシュン シュルルン 夕焼けに SHUNSHUN SHURURUN yūyake ni Whistle, whitleistle, farewell,
さようなら Sayōnara Sunset
シュンシュン シュルルン 北風が SHUNSHUN SHURURUN kitakaze ga Whistle, whistleistle, the north wind
きょうはなんだか 冷たいよ 冷たいよ Kyō wa nandaka tsumetai yo tsumetai yo Somehow, today, feel a bit cold, a bit cold
なんでも きみとは はんぶんこ Nan demo kimi to wa hanbun ko No matter what, I split everything in half with you
だいすき おやつも はんぶんこ Daisuki oyatsu mo hanbun ko I even split my beloved afternoon snack in half with you
きょうは たのしさも はんぶんこ Kyō wa tanoshisa mo hanbun ko Today I'll even split all my fun in half with you
はんぶんこ…さ Hanbun ko... sa In half with you...
やつぱり一番 だいすき Yappari ichiban daisuki sa I really do like you more than anyone else
勇気をだして...ちょっと「おはよう!」って Yūki o dashite... chotto "Ohayō!" tte You give me courage... you know, I wonder if I'll even
言おうかな? Iō ka na? Be able to tell you "Good morning!"?
キュンキュン キュルルン いいにおい KYUNKYUN KYURURUN ii nioi Squeeze, squeeueeze, what a nice smell
おなかすいた Onaka suita I'm hungry
グングン ハシルン 家あかり GUNGUN HASHIRUN ie akari Steadily I run towards the light of the house
ほら もうすぐさ Hora mōsugu sa Hey, It's not much longer
シュンシュン シュルルン 流れ星 SHUNSHUN SHURURUN nagareboshi Whistle, whistleistle, shooting star
みつけたよ Mitsuketa yo I saw you!
シュンシュン シュルルン なかなおり SHUNSHUN SHURURUN naka naori Whistle, whistleistle, we make up
あしたごめんね 言おうかな Ashita gomen ne iō kana I wonder if I should say sorry tomorrow?
言えるかな Ieru kana Can I say it?


  • This is the first ending in the Diamond & Pearl series that doesn't feature literal humans, as Ash, Dawn, and Brock cameo in the form of snow sculptures.


  • In the scene where all the Pokémon are running towards Piplup, Dawn's Ambipom is nowhere to be seen.
  • For some reason, the ending has not been updated.


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