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| Strength
| Strength
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| 10
| Doubles the number of points earned per shot in the next Super Training Regimen.
| Doubles the number of points earned per shot in the next Super Training Regimen.
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The initial screen

Super Training (Japanese: スーパートレーニング Super Training) is a method of Pokémon training introduced in the Pokémon X and Y games. It is a feature created by Clemont which allows players to train their Pokémon on the touch screen from anywhere at any time. Super Training allows the player to not increase their Pokémon's level, but instead raise its stats (i.e. effort values). It is possible to access Super Training via the Player Search System and Pokémon-Amie.

Super-Training Regimens

Battling against a Geodude balloon

Super-Training Regimens, a part of Super Training, is a way to strengthen a Pokémon by making it face off against giant Pokémon-shaped balloons in a soccer-like game. This new mechanic is a supplement to EV-training.

Below are the Pokémon that can be faced:

Rank HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed EVs
1 Wailmer Axew Geodude Magnemite Tentacool Noibat 4
2 Relicanth Fraxure Graveler Magneton Tentacruel Aerodactyl 8
3 Wailord Haxorus Golem Magnezone Dragalge Noivern 12

Core Training

With Core Training (Japanese: ベーストレーニング Base Training), players can use training bags to help boost their Pokémon's growth. By participating in Super-Training Regimens, a player can earn more training bags to use.The player may also "punch" (tap) on the empty training bag on the main screen of Super Training and obtain training bags. In the main section of Super Training there are six areas to train Pokémon. HP Training, Special Attack Training, Attack Training, Special Defense Training, Speed Training, and Defense Training. There are 3 levels of each type of Super Training. The player must beat all types of training on the first level before unlocking the second, and beat all on the second before unlocking the third. Instead of Berries, the player can reset the Pokémon's Effort Values by the reset bag, which resets all obtained Effort Values. The reset bag can only be obtained by tapping the empty bag on the main Super Training screen until a reset bag is given to the player.

Training Bags

Bag Hits Effect
Small 10 +1 EV to the specified stat
Medium 25 +4 EV to the specified stat
Large 50 +12 EV to the specified stat
Big Shot 10 Increases the size of the balls in the next Super Training Regimen.
Double-Up 10 Doubles base-stat increases the next time the Pokémon takes on a Super-Training Regimen.
Reset 100 Completely resets all of the base stats of a Pokémon.
Soothing 250 Makes the Pokémon more friendly.
Strength 10 Doubles the number of points earned per shot in the next Super Training Regimen.
Swiftness 10 Increases speed in the next Super Training Regimen.
Team Flare 10 Reduces the amount of strikes required to break other bags.
Toughen-Up 10 Reduces the number of points lost per hit in the next Super Training Regimen.

The small, medium and large stat bags are all patterned to resemble a line of Pokémon which specialises in that stat. The HP bags resemble Azurill, Marill and Azumarill; Attack bags resemble Machop, Machoke and Machamp; Defense bags resemble Aron, Lairon and Aggron; Special Attack bags resemble Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure; Special Defense bags resemble Flabébé, Floette and Florges; while Speed bags resemble Zubat, Golbat and Crobat.

The Effort-o-Meter

With the Effort-o-Meter, it is possible to check a Pokémon's stats through the graph on the Super Training main menu screen. Many Pokémon have stats that grow more easily than others, and stats that take more time to grow than others. The inner green part of the Effort-o-Meter's graph shows stat levels related to the Pokémon's base stats, while the outer yellow portion shows Effort Values.

Secret Super Training

There are two levels of Secret Super Training. These are unlocked if the selected Pokémon is Fully Trained, meaning that their Effort value total is at the maximum. There is only one regimen in Level 4, there are four regimens in Level 5, four in Level 6, three in Level 7 and one in Level 8. Many of these Secret Training regimens involve battling more than one Pokémon. If the player battles more than one Pokémon, 30 seconds are added to "time remaining" between Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Système de Perfectionnement Virtuel
Germany Flag.png German Supertraining
Italy Flag.png Italian Super Allenamento Virtuale
Spain Flag.png Spanish Superentrenamiento

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