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[[Category:Illus. by Keiji Kinebuchi]]
[[Category:Illus. by Keiji Kinebuchi]]
[[de:Super-Angel (TCG)]]
[[fr:Méga Canne (Neo Genesis 103)]]
[[fr:Méga Canne (Neo Genesis 103)]]
[[ja:すごいつりざお (カードゲーム)]]
[[ja:すごいつりざお (カードゲーム)]]

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Super Rod
すごいつりざお Amazing Fishing Rod
Illus. Keiji Kinebuchi
Expansion Neo Genesis
Rarity Common
English card no. 103/111

Super Rod (Japanese: すごいつりざお Amazing Fishing Rod) is a Trainer card. It is part of the Neo Genesis set.

Card text

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The Super Rod is the best fishing item featured in the Pokémon games.

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