Sunflora Lodge

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Sunflora Lodge
ペンションキマワリ Pension Kimawari
Sunflora Lodge.png
Sunflora Lodge
Region Johto
Debut Moving Pictures

The Sunflora Lodge (Japanese: ペンションキマワリ Pension Kimawari) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It appeared in Moving Pictures and is located in between Ecruteak City and Olivine City.

It is most likely called this because Sophia and Marcello, the two who run the lodge, live here and take their anniversary photograph with hundreds of Sunflora every year. The wooden construction is at least fifty years old. It was visited by Ash, Misty, Brock, and Todd while they were trying to defrost a Sunkern after an Articuno flew past.

Sunflora Lodge is surrounded by open fields and lies to the south of a mountain range that includes Snowtop Mountain.

Pokémon seen in Sunflora Lodge

Multiple Sunflora anime.png
Sunflora (multiple)
Sunflora EP187.png
Sunkern → Sunflora

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 向日花旅館
Mandarin 向日花旅館 / 向日花旅馆 Xiàngrìhuā Lǚguǎn
向日花怪家庭旅店 Xiàngrìhuāguài Jiātínglǚdiàn
Germany Flag.png German Posada Sunflora
Italy Flag.png Italian Dimora dei Sunflora
Poland Flag.png Polish Miasto Sunflora
Spain Flag.png Spanish Posada Sunflora

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