Sun & Moon Prerelease Kit (TCG)

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Sun & Moon Prerelease Kit
Expansion Sun & Moon
Types used GrassWaterPsychicFighting

The Sun & Moon Prerelease Kit is a special product given to participants at the start of Prerelease Tournaments for the Sun & Moon expansion. Prerelease Tournaments for the Sun & Moon expansion were held on the two weekends prior to the release of the expansion, on January 21-22, and 28-29, 2017. Each Kit contains a random set of predetermined cards designed to enhance the experience of the Limited format tournament that follows.

Included in each Prerelease Kit is a 23-card Evolution pack that includes one of four specially stamped Prerelease cards for the expansion, as well as four booster packs. The Prerelease cards for the Sun & Moon expansion are Shiinotic, Bruxish, Oranguru, and Passimian, with each containing a group of Pokemon cards that are focused around a particular type respectively: Grass-type, Water-type (and Lightning-type), Psychic-type, and Fighting-type. Oranguru, being a Colorless-type (thus not a basic type), is the only exception to not represent it's own type.

The Sun & Moon Prerelease Kits provided one exclusive Non Holofoil of a card which was only released as Holofoil in Sun & Moon booster packs: Crobat.

Evolution Prerelease Kit structure

Section 1

Each Prerelease Kit included two of the following four different groups of Pokémon cards, with the first always coinciding with the included Prerelease promo.

Shiinotic Group
No. Card Type Quantity
1/149 Caterpie Grass
2/149 Metapod Grass
3/149 Butterfree Grass
16/149 Morelull Grass

Bruxish Group
No. Card Type Quantity
33/149 Shellder Water
34/149 Cloyster Water
49/149 Chinchou Lightning
50/149 Lanturn Lightning

Oranguru Group
No. Card Type Quantity
54/149 Zubat Psychic
55/149 Golbat Psychic
56/149 Crobat Psychic
119/149 Great Ball I

Passimian Group
No. Card Type Quantity
67/149 Makuhita Fighting
68/149 Hariyama Fighting
73/149 Passimian Fighting
119/149 Great Ball I

Section 2

Each Prerelease Kit also included an additional random group of predetermined Trainer cards. A total of 6 Trainer cards are included (excluding the Great Ball(s) provided by the Oranguru and Passimian Groups) with 4 in any combination of the Supporter cards and 2 in any combination of Item cards were included (but no more than 2 copies of a particular Trainer card).

Supporter cards
No. Card Type Quantity
120/149 Hau Su 0-2×
121/149 Ilima Su 0-2×
122/149 Lillie Su 0-2×
128/149 Professor Kukui Su 0-2×

Item cards
No. Card Type Quantity
123/149 Nest Ball I 0-2×
134/149 Timer Ball I 0-2×

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